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‘This is not a question of political colours’ – PN MP responds to PM’s criticism

Sabrina Zammit Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 18:57 Last update: about 13 months ago

PN MP Jerome Caruana Cilia has responded to allegations by Prime Minister Robert Abela that the PN is creating a political issue out of Jean Paul Sofia's case, by arguing that "this is not a question of (political) colours."

The MP answered the question, posed by this newsroom, by reading from a letter published by Sofia's mother, Isabelle Bonnici. She emphasised that this was not a political matter as when one spends hours waiting for their child to be retrieved, "the only colour you see is black."

In a press conference on Tuesday, PN MP Stanley Zammit asked how, despite on several occasion the Prime Minister saying that he has nothing to hide, "he is still refusing to launch a public inquiry".

He said that this was a request first made by the parents.

He said that the opposition has been insisting for the public inquiry to take place not only because everyone wants it but also because "the opposition believes in accountability".

Zammit said that a public inquiry can help identify shortcoming in the sector "which have been created under a labour party government over the past 10 years".

He said that the government should avoid allowing history to repeat itself like what happened with the recommendations stemming from Miriam Pace's death which were "swept under the carpet".

Additionally, he said that Minister for Public Works and Planning Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi should also feel responsible to comment on the situation.

Caruana cilia highlighted that there were other cases where a public inquiry was still launched parallel to a magisterial inquiry. He said that the same happened during the case of late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia "of which many of the recommendations are still to be implemented".

"Don't be partisan, everyone wants a public inquiry. Why are you still saying you don't want it?", he said addressing the Prime Minister.

Caruana Cilia said that the two reports (a magisterial inquiry and a public inquiry) can have different conclusions, as whilst a magisterial inquiry would identify those responsible, a public inquiry can provide recommendations if any shortcomings are identified within the industry.

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