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‘Robert Abela is not a true Labourite’ – Bernard Grech

Marc Galdes Sunday, 26 March 2023, 13:00 Last update: about 3 months ago

Leader of the Nationalist Party Bernard Grech questioned Prime Minister Robert Abela's labour stand as Grech accused him of not supporting the people, and instead only being interested in "pigging out" and defending the "cosa nostra of Labour."

Grech said this during his speech at a political meeting on Sunday in Rabat, Gozo.

He began by mentioning how on his way to Gozo he passed through Ghadira road where work is taking place and he ridiculed the government for not being able to finish 500 metres of road before summer.


When talking about the "fraudulent" hospitals' concessions agreement, which was declared null and void by the court, he condemned the PL for allowing the only hospital in Gozo to be run by a private company (Steward Health Care), which he said did not invest any money into the hospital, while the Maltese government paid the concessionaires €400 million.

Grech said that Abela has gone down to the "abyss of shame" as he chose to defend this "fraudulent deal", instead of supporting the Maltese people.

He added that three weeks ago he appealed to Abela to open a case against Steward to get the €400 million back. "Three weeks have passed and Abela hasn't found the guts to open the case."

Instead, Grech said that Abela chose to defend the work Steward did in parliament. He later mentioned how in court, Abela did everything in his power, with lawyers paid by Maltese taxes, to fight against Delia who was trying to bring the hospitals back to Malta.

"Weak, confused, scared," Grech called Abela.

"He only sits on the seat of power because a few days before he was chosen, he promised to protect his predecessor."

Grech went on to mention that, although Abela denies being involved in this deal, he was a legal consultant, and said that Abela would have worked to make sure that these contracts were signed.

Following this, he became an MP and now the PM, Grech said, adding that Abela still continues to defend all the deals that the PL have made over the past ten years.

Grech questioned Abela's socialist stand and said that he "is not a true Labourite."

Moreover, Grech mentioned Bernice Cassar who was shot and killed, and the death of 20-year-old Jean Paul Sofia who died when a building in Kordin collapsed on him.

He said that for months the government hid the document by the magistrate which revealed that the state failed Cassar. In Sofia's case, Grech scrutinised the government for not wanting to launch a public inquiry, arguing that the government fears the truth.

When mentioning Mark Camilleri and how he leaked WhatsApp messages between PL MP Rosianne Cutajar and the alleged mastermind behind Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder Yorgen Fenech, he scrutinised the institutions for turning on those who reveal the truth.

"The institutions aren't there for the good, they are there to stand up for what is bad."

Adrian Delia

PN MP and the man who filed the case against the hospitals' concession deal Adrian Delia, also spoke during this political meeting.

He listed seven deficits and "cardinal sins" the PL government committed under Abela. He said that there was a deficit in economy, domestic families, environment, morality, Gozo, health and normality.

Delia mentioned how the government has a debt of €10 billion, and not because of the investments it is making, but because of the money it is wasting.

He also brought up the urban greening €700 million investment over seven years pledge, and questioned whether any work has been done.

He spoke about a moral deficit in the government's intention to introduce abortion in Malta.

On Gozo, he said that there has been a serious lack of investment in the island in the ten years that the PL has been in government. He pointed out how Gozo's roads are the worst they have ever been and also that opportunities for young people are lacking.

With regard to healthcare, he brought up the hospitals' concession agreement and how this has caused a decline in the health sector.

"They stole €2,000 from every single one of you." He added that they would have stolen €20,000 from everyone if the court case had not gone Delia's way.

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