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Altadrine Thalasso Drink for a better functioning metabolism

Thursday, 1 June 2023, 11:05 Last update: about 2 years ago

Much more than a simple detoxifying product Altadrine Thalasso Drink by Alta Care Laboratoires is a food supplement that exploits the beneficial and purifying properties of algae and fruit fibres, vitamins and minerals, useful for promoting the physiological function of purification processes.
Rich in vitamins, minerals, fibres and amino acids Thalasso Drink is capable of stimulating the metabolism, replacing the physiological levels of electrolytes and improving the functions of the immune system.

The powerful ingredients of Altadrine Thalasso Drink, can help drain excess fluid, reactivate the metabolism and control weight, because when taken before a meal it will accelerate the onset of satiety, due to the amount of mineral nutrients and vitamins present in it.

Altadrine Thalasso Drink sachets are available in pharmacies. For more information tel: 2131 2151, email: [email protected], web:


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