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Petition against planning application for LPG storage in front of Lija school filed

Tuesday, 6 June 2023, 15:37 Last update: about 10 months ago

Around 190 people have signed a petition in order to stop a planning application to develop a gas storage facility in front of St Tereza Kinder and Primary school in Lija.

This petition was presented in parliament on Tuesday by PN MP Justin Schembri. The signatories argue that the permit should not be issued since the storage would be close to a school "and could have negative effects on the health and safety of children."

The directors of Torri Gardens, which is the company that filed for planning permission, had said that the proposed system "consists of two above ground gas tanks 2.4 metres long and 1 metre in diameter. It is therefore a small system which has also been approved by Enemalta," the company wrote in reply to independent candidate Arnold Cassola over a Facebook post he made at the end of May. Cassola had said, while referring to the application, "a country of crazy pigs"

In their explanation letter, the company said that for decades the residential complex was equipped with LNG tanks used as a primary energy source for heating purposes.

However, the Company has decided to install new LNG Storage tanks to replace those that were already in place in order to increase the safety of the LNG energy source and to continue providing heating for the rooms at the residence in the most environmentally friendly manner, the directors said. They added that the installation process being followed is lawful and will not create any exposure to the health and safety of any children or residents living in surrounding buildings.

The PA permit PA/00973/23 has been given the go ahead by the case officer assigned and is awaiting the final decision.

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