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Clear, concise and relatable study

Sunday, 5 November 2023, 12:00 Last update: about 5 months ago

‘Decoding Administrative Law’. Author: Robert Musumeci. Publisher: Kite Group / 2023. Pages: 162

Review Dr John Stanton, senior lecturer in Law City University of London

Administrative law is one of the most important fields in the legal world. It sits at the intersection of fundamental principles that determine how a state should operate; how that state should be regulated and how the use of power in that state should be held to a consistent standard of lawfulness. Administrative law is built on a foundation of constitutional doctrine and seeks to ensure that the use of power - power that impacts upon the lives of all citizens - is held to account by the courts. The importance of the field justifies administrative law's place as a staple of law courses across the world. Malta is no different and it is in the context of students' coverage of this area that this book makes its contribution. Dr Robert Musumeci offers an expertise in administrative law that is rooted not only in his academic enthusiasm but also in his established practice as an architect and a planning lawyer. This expertise delivers a book that will be invaluable to students and scholars alike.

Dr Musumeci's mission has been to present Maltese Administrative Law, not as a purely academic field, but as one that is guided by its practical application. This mission is accomplished by a text that is clear, concise, accessible and that takes students on a relatable journey through the essential elements of the area. Decoding Administrative Law will, therefore, provide students with a valuable aid to their studies and a core expression of the fundamental aspects of administrative law.

Dr Musumeci must be commended for this excellent text, one in which careful regard has been given to style as much as substance. Indeed, the conversational way in which the book is delivered reads as if Dr Musumeci is there himself, talking students through the cases, the principles and the various rules that make up this important area of law. It will enhance students' understanding of administrative law and offer them an essential platform upon which their own appreciation of this field will be built.


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