The Malta Independent 14 July 2024, Sunday
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Rise in referrals to YMCA Malta in 2023

Kyle Patrick Camilleri Sunday, 7 January 2024, 09:00 Last update: about 7 months ago

For YMCA Malta, 2023 saw a significant increase in the number of referrals they received in comparison with 2022. Each referral constitutes of an individual who was struggling with homelessness and was sent to YMCA Malta for support.

While 2022 saw the organisation receive approximately one referral for each day of the year (total of 369), 2023 saw YMCA record a total of 507 referrals – a 37.4% increase from the previous year.

Breaking down this total number of referrals, YMCA data that was given to this newsroom shows that percentage increases were recorded for all three demographics received, i.e., Maltese referrals, EU referrals, and non-EU referrals.

Maltese referrals remained the most common type of the three. An additional 90 referrals were received by YMCA in 2023 for Maltese persons. This is an increase of 47.8%, with a total of 278 Maltese being referred to this single organisation throughout the entire previous calendar year, an increase from the 188 referrals registered in 2022.

Non-EU referrals followed as the second-most popular type of referral to YMCA Malta in 2023. In terms of year-on-year increase, this was the most stable grouping. Non-EU referrals increased from 2022 to 2023 by 17.5%, with totals moving up from 154 to 181.

EU referrals were therefore the least encountered type; however, they saw the largest spike in percentage increase from 2022. Only 19 EU citizens were referred to YMCA throughout 2022. 2023 registered a total of 48 EU referrals to register a 152.6% percentage increase.

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