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PN accuses Prime Minister of trying to incite violence against the party

Thursday, 8 February 2024, 20:11 Last update: about 23 days ago

The Nationalist Party has accused Prime Minister Robert Abela of using words intinded to incite violence against the PN.

The PN referred to a statement that Prime Minister Robert Abela made outside the courts, after Lawyers, both for the Government and the Opposition, declared in court on Thursday that they had no objection to Mr. Justice Toni Abela presiding over the case filed by the PN aimed at recouping the millions paid to Steward Healthcare in the ill-fated hospitals deal.

Abela said that it is becoming more clear that the court case was instituted by the PN to hinder the international arbitration procedures currently ongoing between the government and Steward Healthcare. He said that in the case "there is an element of aggressiveness being shown by the PN leader against present and past government exponents, which shows the real aim behind it that certainly isn't that which protects the interests of the Maltese people, as that interest is protected in the international arbitration procedures." Abela then referred to Mr Justice Giovanni Grixti's recusal from the court case, saying that the Opposition had 'pointed a pistol' at the judge's head, and said that the judge had his back against the wall and had to recuse himself.

The Judge had issued a decree recusing himself from this case after the judge's partner was appointed curator for the absent company in a separate case. The Judge had said that he needs to be cautious enough that his independent position remains untouched not only during the hearing of the case, but even after judgement so that nobody could point their finger, particularly when the issue could end up in an external forum. He noted that he had already accepted to continue hearing the case after it was pointed out that his cousin had drawn up a government report regarding the suitability of the proposals regarding handing over the hospitals to Vitals Global Healthcare, "which is today the subject of the case assigned to this court."

Abela said that the "the opposition attacked the judge as he was the cousin of someone who has been dead for a number of years. It was an episode that shows how truly the PN does not respect the institutions, but threatens them to decide how it wants."

The PN, in a statement, said that it has full faith in all judges and magistrates.  "After Robert Abela launched a continuous attack on the courts, today Robert Abela lied when he accused the Opposition of pointing a pistol at the head of Judge Grixti," the PN said.

"Abela is making this false accusation with a clear intention, and with words chosen intended to incite violent retaliation against the head of the PN Bernard Grech, against PN MP Adrian Delia, as well as against all those who form part of the PN," the party said.

"Abela's words are unacceptable in a democratic society and show that Abela is an immature politician, who is dangerous and anti-democratic," the PN said.

The party said that it is holding Abela personally responsible for any damage that could be caused to Grech, Delia and all those who work in the PN

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