The Malta Independent 3 March 2024, Sunday
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Psychologists get improved work conditions in new sectoral agreement

Friday, 9 February 2024, 16:44 Last update: about 22 days ago

A sectoral agreement was signed between the Government and the Malta Chamber of Psychologists aimed at improving the working conditions of employees in the psychology sector.

The Minister for Health and Active Ageing, Jo Etienne Abela, who was present at the signing of the agreement, explained that through this agreement, improvements will be seen in the conditions for psychologists working in the public sector, leading to an enhancement in the services provided to the public.

The aim of the service provided by psychologists is to offer holistic assistance in individuals' well-being. Psychologists have the role of identifying challenges that individuals may be facing and helping them address some of the issues they are encountering.

Minister Jo Etienne Abela spoke about how the government recognizes the valuable contribution that professionals in this sector have made over the years and emphasized that this agreement will continue to improve the services offered in our country.

"The Government will continue to work and ensure that it continues to invest in this sector, which is so crucial for individual well-being. We want to ensure that individuals going through difficult periods in their lives find the necessary support. We are committed to further improving the healthcare service provided to patients," concluded the minister.

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