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The great return of Muscat

Sunday, 11 February 2024, 09:07 Last update: about 24 days ago

Alexander Mangion

When asked if he was considering a career in politics, a Super One TV-era, Eurosceptic Joseph Muscat once had famously said that to join politics you had to either be a missionary, a thief or just plain mad.

That really aged well now, didn't it? Because as it appears, Dr Muscat is going to be one of those rare specimens, who will have joined politics twice in his lifetime!

The Labour Party has recently been on a large-scale recycling spree, welcoming back the shadiest characters who dragged its reputation through the mud over the past years. It now appears that it is Joseph Muscat's turn to make his grand return, much to deafening choruses of "Joseph!, Joseph!, erbgħin elf!"

How damning and embarrassing must it be for Robert Abela to be faced with this sordid situation. The inept prime minister, who fell back upwards all the way to the country's highest executive role, had a famously hard time trying to shed the Muscat-era stains, and sins, in an attempt for new starts. While his "loyal" supporters couldn't wrap their heads around why their super-star leader was resigning and being forced into exile, Abela was flung into a tornado trying to make heads or tails of the morally bankrupt government.

It remained blatantly evident that Abela never enjoyed the popularity of Muscat, and for anyone who ever doubted this, the last days were testament enough. In fact, at the least whisper of Muscat rejoining the fray, labourites from all over the country went into an absolute frenzy as they claimed that the days of tagħna lkoll were back!

Little do they realize that through their uncurbed enthusiasm for the disgraced leader, they are doing the ultimate disservice to their current one. The greatest fears of anyone in a position of leadership are becoming a reality for Abela, as he finds himself engulfed once again in the shadow of a mastodon of a political giant, albeit the most infamous Malta has ever known.

So, all Abela can do now is dance to the tune and pretend that he is not feeling threatened at all. What does a leader whose party is literally gagging for his predecessor's return do? Once again Muscat showed his absolute mastery of the despicable trade, and with the help of his hand-puppet Emanuel Cuschieri, orchestrated the perfect storm, which Abela now cannot ignore. The Mintoff-KMB power struggle looks like child's play compared to what's in store for this Labour party.

But beyond all the petty optics for the Labour party, it is beyond the pale how the country is considering giving one single iota of power back to the country's most corrupt prime minister it ever had.

Let us not forget how Joseph Muscat is implicated in some of the Labour administration's shadiest episodes, relating to the hospitals' saga and others. Many other questions remain unanswered casting a heavy shadow on his administration, and likely to remain that way. Personally, I wouldn't trust Dr Muscat as a public convenience attendant, let alone send him to represent me at the European Parliament.

I don't wish to close this article on a negative note, however. In fact, I wish to take this opportunity to express my warmest regards to a real giant of Malta's political landscape who celebrated his 90th this week. He was the inspiration for so many, not only in the political sphere but in life. He truly made us proud to be Maltese. Thank you Dr Fenech Adami, your contribution to this country remains a monument to all that is good.

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