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What is the Most Famous Casino in Malta?

Monday, 12 February 2024, 11:50 Last update: about 17 days ago

Malta lies in the heart of the Mediterranean. This casino boasts historical monuments and offers breathtaking views. Additionally, the most prominent land-based casino on the island calls this destination home.

This article, prepared with help from experts at, introduces the most famous casino in Malta - Dragonara Casino. It's not just a spot for gambling but also a historic site that adds to Malta's charm. With exciting games and an impressive setting, Dragonara Casino is a top spot for visitors. Let's find out why it's the best choice for entertainment in Malta.

Why is Dragonara Casino the Number One Land-Based Casino in Malta?

Dragonara Casino, a beacon of elegance and excitement, is steeped in a legend as captivating as its games. Perched on Dragonara Point, the name comes from a mythical dragon that once roamed the area, giving an air of mystery and allure to these grounds. Dragonara stands out as a top Malta casino with a unique mix of legendary charm and real-world luxury.

Dragonara Casino Establishment and Early Years

Constructed in 1870, Dragonara Palace boasts a storied past, transitioning from a summer residence for a noble family to a role as a hospital and a refuge for displaced individuals. In 1964, the palace transformed into Malta's inaugural casino, solidifying St. Julian's significance in the region. Since 2012, a local company has managed it, blending history with modern fun. This approach keeps the legend alive, making every visit special.

Reasons to Visit Dragonara Casino Today

This place shines as Malta's gaming crown jewel, drawing visitors with a massive count of attractions. This dive into features highlights unique allure.

Iconic Building and Prime Location

Nestled in the historic Dragonara Palace from the 19th century, the casino marries old-world charm with contemporary gaming excitement. Perched on the San Ġiljan peninsula's edge, the location offers breathtaking sea views.

Entertainment and Events

Dragonara is alive with activities, hosting everything from live music nights to poker tournaments. This difference caters to all tastes, establishing it as a cultural hub for locals and international visitors. It's an area where Maltese hospitality meets global entertainment, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Wide Range of Casino Games

The casino has over 300 slot machines, poker, roulette, and blackjack games. This selection provides that every gambler finds something suitable, regardless of preference. Among popular slots is the "Book of Ra" series by Novomatic, including the original game and "Book of Ra Deluxe" and "Book of Ra 6" differences. These games have expanding wilds and demo options. Another popular game is "Lucky Lady's Charm" from Novomatic. It delights players with its charming theme and the chance to win big. There are also timeless table games like Caribbean Stud Poker and American Roulette for those who want excitement or to relax.

Dining & Restaurants

Dining at Dragonara is a feast for the senses, with several eateries offering everything from fine dining to quick snacks. The culinary options span Mediterranean flavors to international dishes, all served in settings that enhance the gaming journey. The ambiance of each dining area and picturesque views add a layer of enjoyment to the gameplay.

Customer Service

The staff at Dragonara stands out for their welcoming and professional approach, providing every guest feels valued. They are always on hand to offer gaming tips or suggest dining options.

Safety and Security Measures

Safety is paramount at Dragonara, with cutting-edge security technology and strict health protocols. These guarantee a secure and clean environment, allowing guests to focus on their visit worry-free.

Dragonara Casino's Impact on Malta's Tourism

Dragonara Casino has contributed to Malta's tourism sector since opening in 1964. The opening of the casino was a pivotal moment for Malta. It helped make St. Julian’s a big area for business and fun. The casino has seen many changes and improvements over the years. Dragonara Gaming Ltd spent more than €15 million on updates. These changes kept old charm but added modern touches. Now, about 350,000 people visit the casino each year. This makes Dragonara not only the oldest but also the most visited casino in Malta. This shows how vital the casino is for tourism and helps make Malta known as a lively and welcoming space for people worldwide.

Dragonara Casino adds a lot to Malta's economy because of tourism. People come not only for games but also to see the history and culture around the casino.

Closing Thoughts

Dragonara Casino enriches Malta's appeal to visitors worldwide. This casino, set in a historical palace, draws crowds with a mix of Dragonara casino games. It's a place where the excitement of Dragonara gaming meets the beauty of Malta. Each year, people come to try their luck at slots, table games, and roulette, making it a highlight of Malta casinos. The casino's compound of gaming options and role in Malta's tourism story shows the island's uniqueness. Dragonara is a part of Malta's heritage and future.

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