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New Marine Section within Civil Protection Department inaugurated

Monday, 12 February 2024, 18:15 Last update: about 5 months ago

The Civil Protection Department is in the best position it has ever been to carry out its work, the Prime Minister Robert Abela said during the inauguration of a new Marine Section within the Civil Protection Department at Corradino.

He was accompanied during the inauguration by the Minister for Home Affairs Byron Camilleri.

Nearing an investment of  500,000, this new department will contribute to making Malta safer as the Marine Section of the Civil Protection Department is now at the highest level, having not only been strengthened to respond to sea rescues but also now able to offer support in other emergencies on land.


This new investment comes together with other recent projects within the Civil Protection Department, such as new fire trucks and boats which saw an investment exceeding €5 million. This figure includes three garages that among other things can accommodate the HAZMAT unit engines that respond to emergencies related to hazardous chemicals. The new building is also equipped with dry rooms and wet rooms, which are not only essential for workers but also critical in rescue operations, because they decontaminate firemen.

"Today we see the Department have a greater and more visible presence in our communities - close to where we live, work, and socialise. This is a department that we will continue to strengthen. In fact, it was my pleasure to meet the 64 recruits who are being trained to join the force. In their eyes, you see the motivation to have a successful career and the privilege they feel to receive quality training and their determination grows when they see the investment being made in Civil Protection. Some of them also follow in their parents' footsteps and tell you how around the dinner table at home they talk about how in recent years this Department has changed to be more ready to address the needs of modern Malta," Abela said.

Abela concluded by expressing strong satisfaction that, as Prime Minister, he has signed sectoral agreements with all Disciplinary Corps, namely the Officials of the Civil Protection Department, the Correctional Services Agency, the Police, and the Army. He explained that when they are discussing sectoral agreements, they are discussing pay, better conditions, and new rights.

Minister Byron Camilleri said that apart from the capital investments being made continuously, the Government is also investing directly in the workers, both by continuing to improve the conditions and rights of workers in the disciplinary corps and also in their training.

"Today, we inaugurated new facilities so that the workers of the maritime section of the Civil Protection, including the divers, can respond promptly to emergencies at sea around the coast of the Maltese islands. This complements other multimillion investments in other ports and maritime facilities that were inaugurated today, and others that have been refurbished in recent months, to be used by workers, both in emergency situations at sea and on land. As a government, we will continue to work for more security and peace of mind for the people," Camilleri said. 

Present at the inauguration were the Director-General of Civil Protection Peter Paul Coleiro and Permanent Secretary Joyce Dimech, along with workers and officials of Civil Protection.

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