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GS1 Malta: Elevating healthcare with global standards

Sunday, 25 February 2024, 08:30 Last update: about 3 months ago

Streamlining healthcare operations for patient safety, Written by Janita Winters

In its commitment to global standards, GS1 Malta extends its influence on the healthcare sector, revolutionising the management of medical supplies and patient information. This article explores the vital role of GS1 Malta in implementing GS1 global standards within healthcare.


GS1 Healthcare Standards

GS1 Malta's focus on healthcare involves implementing GS1 standards tailored for the industry. These standards encompass Global Location Numbers (GLN), Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), and specialised barcoding, enhancing the traceability and identification of medical products.


Key Components

GLN: Uniquely identifies healthcare locations, facilitating precise communication between stakeholders.

GTIN: Ensures unique global identification of medical products, improving inventory management and patient safety.

Barcoding: Streamlines tracking of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, minimising errors, and improving overall healthcare quality.


Benefits for Healthcare

Patient Safety: Minimises the risk of errors in medication and enhances traceability of medical devices.

Supply Chain Efficiency: Streamlines operations, reducing costs and optimising inventory management.

Regulatory Compliance: Aligns with global standards, ensuring traceability and identification compliance.


Impact on Malta's healthcare

GS1 Malta's efforts in healthcare standards contribute to a safer, more efficient healthcare landscape in Malta. Standardised practices enhance global collaboration and ensure the highest standards of patient care.

In conclusion, GS1 Malta's dedication to global standards transforms healthcare operations in Malta, ensuring patient safety, supply chain efficiency and global compliance. The collaboration between GS1 Malta and healthcare stakeholders signifies a commitment to a connected and standardised healthcare ecosystem, emphasising patient well-being in every aspect of the industry.

GS1 are full members of Malta Health Network


Janita Winters is CEO at GS1 Malta

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