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An appeal to the minister on pensions

Sunday, 7 April 2024, 07:50 Last update: about 3 months ago

Minister Michael Falzon (TMID, 31 March) said ‘Furthermore. the Labour government is working to rectify the anomaly created by the PN in 2006 which divided the pensioners into those born until 1961 and those after’. He also concluded that this is unfair for the B group of pensioners born in 1961 or before.


Last year I wrote a number of letters on the newspapers about this anomaly, and I admit that I appreciated that this administration started the ball rolling to settle this injustice.  But in the last budget some thousands from this category are now receiving only Eur9.47 every week, still a difference of about Eur80 less per week than those born in 1962 or after. Others have received nothing. 

The Minister as quoted above has now shown his concern to further tackle this issue.  But is this administration going to take 9 years up to 2032 to bring us in line with the other pensioners born in 1962 or after?  It is fair that we pensioners of Category B have to wait so long, to say that this anomaly is over?  And if the last budget this administration addressed it with only Eur9.47 per week, is the government in the next Budget to give another Eur9.47 per week only, or more? Is the government going to be avaricious to the Category B pensioners who gave their utmost to the nation?

There must be serious discussions between the minister, the social services, the shadow minister, the pensioners’ associations, and the unions, who I believe all wish to tackle this injustice at the least possible time.  The gap between categories A & B has to close up sooner as the cost of living is the same for everyone.

Those born in 1961 or before, who has worked for 40 years and more and have paid the highest NI as required by law, and had no option at that time to pay more NI, as those born in 1962 or after, should not continue to be discriminated.  It is time for the minister and other entities to prove themselves worthy against this anomaly.

This can happen when the government is boasting about the sound economy of Malta and when many thousands of euro are being paid annually to persons in high positions.  Nor should we forget the millions of euro the Government spent on Europride, the films industry, stewards etc.


Charles Bezzina

Victoria, Gozo



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