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Chaos in Leadership not helping building construction industry - Chamber of Geologists President

Sabrina Zammit Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 14:40 Last update: about 2 months ago

The chaos in Leadership and the lack of consistency is not helping the Building and Construction industry, President of the Malta chamber of Geologists Peter Gatt has said.

Gatt, through a Facebook post, was reacting to the building and Construction Authority's CEO Jesmond Muscat's resignation.

In a statement, the Justice and Construction Ministry said that Minister Jonathan Attard was informed by the Chairman of the Board of the BCA that he had received the resignation letter of Jesmond Muscat from the post of Chief Executive Officer of the Authority. "While acknowledging Muscat's efforts in enhancing regulatory compliance, modernising the authority's infrastructure, and implementing sector-wide reforms, Minister Attard accepted his resignation," the ministry said in its statement.


In the Facebook post, Gatt said that the lack of consistency at leadership within the authority is "definitely not reassuring the public. The only thing that remains consistent are the accidents, including fatalities that keep happening."

"The Chamber of Geologists insists that public safety should be foremost on the agenda and that the Jean Paul Sofia Board of Inquiry report must be implemented, which includes the recognition of the profession of the geologist."

He continued to add that the Chamber is concerned with the current situation within the industry "and we have already transmitted to the BCA CEO (resigned) that the lack of input by geologists will result in more fatalities in the future, although these would not be in the singular, but in multiples."

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