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Man accused over social benefits racket alleges public official was heavily involved

Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 19:27 Last update: about 1 month ago

Police officers and public prosecutors did not reply to an offer made by one of the men accused in the social benefits fraud racket to give sworn testimony that promised to provide information relating to a public official who was involved, the man in question has said.

Roger Agius, one of five men who is accused of being involved in the disability benefits racket, on Tuesday, issued a statement on social media. He said that on the 28th of November 2023, he had written to the inspector and Attorney General through his lawyer informing them that he personally knows the origins of the disability social benefits fraud, and about the "conspiracy that there was among a number of people, including political officials, with the complicity of Cabinet Members since 2019."


He alleged that in 2019 a person "who was and is a public official within the Social Security Ministry gave me a burner phone through which only phone calls regarding applications based on fraudulent certificates [would] be made." The public official’s name was not published in the social media post.

He said that he was ready to reveal how the public official would arrange the composition of the medical board in a way that guaranteed that those referred to it definitely passed. He also said that he was ready to reveal under oath that until the first three months of 2023, he would still take papers to this "person of trust of Minister Michael Falzon."

Agius said he was ready to declare under oath that this same public official had told him that "as long as the minister is there, we will never have trouble."

"In light of all this, I had asked the Attorney General and the police to take me before the Duty Magistrate to testify under oath."

He said that he never received a response to that email.

He also said that on the 2nd of January 2024, he had declared that in November 2023 he had asked the inspector to take him into a public building in Valletta to show him "traces of the crime in the racket," and how and where the public official operated.

"The inspector said that these were theatrics," Agius wrote.

He also published a response he had filed in court detailing what was contained in the email he had sent to the police and the Attorney General.

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