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Hit play to be restaged locally before international debut

Thursday, 25 April 2024, 09:12 Last update: about 3 months ago

In April of 2023, a new play called "The Trials of Magnus Coffinkey" was staged at Spazju Kreattiv as part of their theatre programme. Billed as 'a broken fairy tale for broken people', the show told the whimsical and poetic story of a toy who tries in vain to mend a broken bell. As the story progressed, the audience learned more about the true nature of the narrative and was taken on a haunting journey of heartbreak and hope.


One wish, any wish, declared the prophecy
One wish, any wish, he hoped so desperately


Written by one of Malta's leading playwrights, the award-winning Malcolm Galea along with the artist Angele Galea, the piece is directed by seasoned director Philip Leone-Ganado and stars Joseph Zammit and Becky Camilleri - two of Malta's finest and most experienced performers.

Poor Coffinkey, retreating fast, he took three steps and fell
And as he lost his footing, he reached out for the bell

Every performance received an emotional audience response and the show will now be staged again at Blue Box Theatre in Msida for one weekend only on the 3-5 May before making its international debut at this year's edition of Brighton Fringe.


For what can you say to someone when their heart's been cleft in two?
Nothing... nothing...nothing... No words would ever do.


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