The Malta Independent 26 May 2024, Sunday
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Casa to Scicluna: Now is not the time for reckless self-interest

Wednesday, 15 May 2024, 07:37 Last update: about 11 days ago

MEP David Casa re-iterated his appeal to the embattled Governor of the Central Bank Edward Scicluna to do the right thing and resign his post for the good of the country.

"Haven't you pigged out enough?" a streamer put up by the MEP read, with wording lifted from the communications of former Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar who spoke about "pigging out".

Casa said that in his former capacity as Finance Minister, Scicluna had raised the annual remuneration for Central Bank Governor prior to his bid for the same position.


Casa, who has worked on the European Parliamen's Committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs, emphasised the reputational damage that Scicluna was causing to the country for no other reason than blind self-interest.

"To have a Central Bank Governor accused of fraud is ridiculous and flies in the face of the unwavering efforts of the hundreds of professionals who are upholding a world-class industry despite the corrupt buffoons who lead them," Casa charged, adding that "Nobody is subscribing to Robert Abela's cuckoo-land account of what the country is going through."

"A week since criminal charges were filed against Scicluna, I echo the nation's appeal even more strongly: RESIGN."

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