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Israel and those against

Alfred Sant MEP Thursday, 16 May 2024, 08:00 Last update: about 2 months ago

When I was a kid, there was already conflict in Palestine and it has never ceased. In those years, European peoples, not least in Malta, were much in sympathy with the Israelis. They were seen as a small nation that was being threatened by other peoples who were much bigger and much more powerful, and yet it remained victorious. The memory of the genocide of Jews mounted by the Nazis during the Second World War was also still fresh.


Over the years, the sympathy has decreased and faded. The cause of the Palestinian people deprived of their land so that Israel could be established and expanded found more and more people ready to recognise it for what it was, and agree it was a just cause. I never understood this change of heart as having been driven by some anti-semitic sentiment. On occasions when I was speaking to Israeli representaitves, I would mention that on their side, the loss internationally of popular support was a factor they needed to take well into account.

During the past few months, some extraordinary facts have been recorded. The hideous attack on Israel by Hamas took place. Understandably, around the world there arose a strong wave of popular sympathy towards the Israelis.

Seven months later however, this wave has been almost completely dissipated. Huge protests have been held in many places against the Israeli military  operations of the past months. Israel’s leaders are making a mistake in totally ignoring the judgement of outsiders.



In past months we again got to hear about nuclear warnings. For as long as the confrontation between the USSR and the US lasted, these were contexted within the security system labelled MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction. As both sides could simultaneously attack each other with nuclear weapons and ensure their mutual destruction, both would have to discard such a mad option. They needed to find a compromise that was acceptable to both.

Within that framework, they created a structure of agreements which ensured that the destruction would not happen.

Over the years since then, that structure has been dismantled. Today there is no kind of MAD to shield us from the lunacy of a nuclear attack from one side or the other... except hopefully, for the common sense of those persons who are in the leadership of the nuclear powers.



From a certain perspective, it is a positive development when the judicial system takes a proactive stance in the efforts needed to stamp out criminality in the implementation of political and administrative duties. Such efforts must be carried out in a spirit of coherence, continuity and above all justice.

Yet, legal processes need to be followed in a transparent manner. No margins should be allowed for procedural and other “errors” that obscure the position of one side or another. Statements and presentations should not be made subject to stratagems.  A main responsibility of whoever is leading the judicial process is to ensure that right through it keeps to its schedule and is not delayed. In this way, it would be ensured that justice is truly being delivered. Otherwise those who have no guilt are detained in purgatory while the guilty remain free.


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