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Abstention is not enough

Sunday, 19 May 2024, 06:35 Last update: about 26 days ago

Alexander Mangion

The electoral campaign is now in full swing, and the revelations relating to the Vitals hospitals scandal has only served to heighten the stakes of the 8th June vote. Things have truly taken a critical turn.

Every election has a story to tell. The veterans amongst us will tell us that the 1987 election was all about freedom, 1996 meant that Malta wanted to dip its feet into the seemingly refreshing pond of New Labour, while 2003 was obviously about Malta joining the EU.

Decisive moments that spelled the future of the country, in one way or another, and one would struggle to imagine had the electorate responded differently in each of these cases.

But this isn’t an exercise in fan fiction or alternative history. In this article, I wish to share a few thoughts on how crucial this upcoming election is, and how important it is to vote.

We will all agree that the Vitals inquiry has once again unleashed Pandora’s demons of corruption, money laundering, bad governance, and everything in between, onto the country. Once again Malta is in the international news for all the wrong reasons, and once again this government is embarrassing us on the world stage.

What makes matters worse is that the government has doubled down on its stance, digging its heels with the most unbelievable and implausible arguments. Robert Abela has unleashed an irresponsible attack on the judiciary in a desperate attempt to gain political points, while insisting that Chris Fearne didn’t need to resign. Thankfully good sense prevailed, and the Deputy Prime Minister was not having any of it, but incredibly so, Edward Scicluna is still at the helm of the Central Bank at the time that I am writing this article.  One would think that having public officials in office who are not being accused criminally in open court is the least a modern, democratic, European country could hope for, but this is Malta under Labour.

The bar of this country has been set incredibly low. This is not acceptable.

We want higher standards in politics. We want to be able to be proud of our government once again. We want institutions that function in the utmost serenity, without an irresponsible Prime Minister instigating the mob against them. We want a government that truly acts in the interest of the population, rather than dedicating most of its time trying to cover up for its associates. Finally, we want justice to be served, for all, no matter what their position might have been.

A cheque, brazenly sent, yet again, in the middle of an electoral campaign, will not cut it.

It is within this context that we are faced with yet another important choice. With our vote, we should send a clear and loud message to the Prime Minister, telling him that this is not on. With a strong vote for the Nationalist Party, we need to give hope, that a different way of doing things is possible. We do not accept the status quo, and the depths to which the Labour government has dragged this country. Our vote needs to be an undeniable wake-up call for Robert Abela, that his ways are unacceptable, and he must be kept accountable to a higher standard.

A strong vote for the Nationalist Party at the European Parliament will ensure relevant, capable, and genuinely motivated people representing Malta, as Europe faces a host of new challenges and opportunities.

A strong vote for the Nationalist Party at our Local Councils will once again give a voice to our communities, who have been ignored and trampled upon for far too long.

Abstention is not enough. We need to vote for the PN in order to make ourselves heard loud and clear.


Alexander Mangion is Deputy Mayor of Attard and candidate for the local council elections in the same locality.


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