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It is Abela’s duty to ensure safety in front of Court during Muscat arraignment, Grech says

Wednesday, 22 May 2024, 19:54 Last update: about 22 days ago

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said that it is Prime Minister Robert Abela's responsibility to address the question of safety for all those in Valletta while former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and others criminally charged over the Vitals deal are arraigned in Court on 28 and 29 May.

"We will hold you responsible for this irresponsibility if something happens to a single person," Grech said in a political event on Wednesday.

He said that as Prime Minister, Abela has failed to report to the Police Commissioner, and has resorted to "cheap tactics," and "conspiracy theories" to gain an advantage, when he alleged yesterday that the PN was setting up a "trap" for Labour supporters who will gather in a solidarity meeting in support of Muscat next week.

"You are the Prime Minister of this country, and you have the responsibility of ensuring safety everywhere, especially in front of the Courts, for the safety of magistrates, passersby and anyone in Valletta," Grech said.

When journalists asked the PM what he meant by a "trap," Abela gave no details, Grech said, adding that Abela is "just stirring the pot, as he is not capable of telling the public to avoid going to Court, yet Labour exponents will be the ones attending."

Grech said Abela has lost control of his party and his own government and cannot focus on helping citizens with their needs.

"Abela did not want Muscat to have support, he lost control. He said we are planning a trap to scare people into not supporting Muscat," he said.

He urged him to make a report to the Police Commissioner, condemning him for not having done so after 24 hours.

"I appeal for you to elevate yourself at a political level, and refrain from the politics of children. Let us respect the people's intelligence and dignity," Grech said, addressing Abela, saying that he has lost his appetite to govern and be there for the citizen.

Grech also said that the PN has created an electoral programme on an MEP level as well for each Local Council, addressing its specific details and needs, where dedicated PN candidates, MPs and activists will be working for the citizens.

"Politics is not built on conspiracy theories or lies, it is built with contact, looking at needs, plans and analysis, and the will to implement what you promised," Grech said.

He said that in the past 11 years, a PL government has weakened Local Councils as much as it could as it does not believe in its councillors, not even its own.

"We believe in the decentralisation of politics, that the decision is taken near to you. We believe in all councillors, not only those on the PN's ticket," Grech said.

He mentioned the Valletta Local Council, whose mayor "slept and stayed quiet" when government issued a legal notice on the playing of music until late hours.

Grech said the PN will also be putting pressure on each Local Council for a study to be conducted in each locality to determine how to improve all aspects, putting both business interests and those of the residents on top.

Grech appealed for the public to vote PN in the upcoming elections as it has the duty to continue working for the citizen.

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