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Vincent Moran Health Centre to begin offering numerous services in the community

Friday, 24 May 2024, 15:20 Last update: about 22 days ago

The Vincent Moran Health Centre in Paola will begin offering numerous services in the near future, standing as a strong example of community-based healthcare for the people, a government statement said Friday.

Prime Minister Robert Abela visited the six-story centre on Friday, together with Health Minister Jo Etienne Abela, and the CEO of the Foundation for Medical Services (FMS) Robert Xuereb who explained the number of services and spaces available to further strengthen the health service.

In this Centre, surgeries can also be performed by surgeons and specialists for patients who will be able to return home shortly after the operation.

The Centre, built with public and European funds obtained by government, will serve the people of the southern part of the country, where it is expected to cater to around 130,000 people in need of services, even through the technical equipment that will be installed.

The Centre will be bringing many services under one roof and will further reduce the dependency on Mater Dei Hospital, the statement read.

In a discussion with several workers, Abela noted how professionals and the public are increasingly embracing the government's vision for the health sector by placing more emphasis on community services.

Abela also noted that in this Centre, mental health care services will also be provided, with workers explaining another positive aspect that will be introduced at the Centre named after Vincent Moran, that of physiotherapy and consultations for heart disease, which are currently being provided at Mater Dei but will now be offered in the community, in Paola.

Other services offered include dental care, through a dental facility.

Abela said that community services remain the best tool for people to continue living better and have a higher quality of life. “The investment we are making in every sector, including health, is one that continues to support people in every life situation,” Abela said.

The project was also carried out with attention to sustainability and increased efficiency in energy use, including alternative energy.

On-site, there is also dedicated parking for workers’ vehicles, patients, and residents living in the vicinity of the Centre.

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