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The Prime Minister has no business interfering with legal proceedings

Darren Carabott Sunday, 26 May 2024, 08:18 Last update: about 29 days ago

It is true what they say. You really get to know a person when they are under pressure. And this has become so evident in the case of the Prime Minister, who under the combined pressures of the greatest scandal ever to come to the fore in our history, and an upcoming election, is showing his true colours.

In fact, Robert Abela, has chosen a very dangerous road for short electoral gains, which threatens to destabilize the entire judicial system and prosecution.


The Prime Minister is not only attacking the judicial system, hurling abuse at a Magistrate, and instigating a full-blown bullying campaign against her, but has now opened a full-frontal attack on the prosecution, both in the Office of the Attorney General as well as the Police Corps. The Prime Minister’s comments about whether the accused should be prosecuted under arrest or by summons, are out of place, shocking and worrying to say the least. The Prime Minister has absolutely no role in this procedure, and he has no business exerting undue pressures.

Now that the criminal charges have been defined, and the persons of interest known, the Prime Minister and all his parrots should stop interfering with the system, and let justice take its course. It cannot be stressed enough; the institutions, be it the Law Courts as well as the prosecution, must be allowed to do their job in the utmost independence and harmony.

The fact that Robert Abela is feeling comfortable commenting on matters of a procedural nature exposes one of two things (or both). The Prime Minister is either so out of his depth, that he is unaware of the limitations of his competence in such matters, or else, he is actively going against the basic principle of keeping politicians and institutions at an arm’s length from each other, so as not to exert any pressure. I think I know which one it is, and it does not bode well for our country. What ever happened to the age-old practice of refraining from commenting while a case is sub judice?

So, I feel duty bound to vociferously call on the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police to ensure that their operation is not minimally affected by any pressures exerted by the Prime Minister and the entire Labour Government outfit. It is the Attorney General and the Police Commissioner’s duty to ensure that their work is unaffected by any external forces.

While I sadly have no trust in the Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg and the Police Commissioner Angelo Gafá, the country is still looking at them, and relying on them to do their job properly. Unfortunately, if we are at a point where we are seeing some sort of justice starting to be delivered, it was surely not thanks to them, or to the work they should have done ages ago.

However, I support, wholeheartedly, the prosecution teams, both on the legal as well as the Police Force sides. I call on them to carry out their duties without fear or favour, for the good of the country.

History is looking at you and will judge you in due course. This is possibly one of the most defining moments of your lives, and I urge you to rise to the challenge.

These are possibly some of the darkest times of our political history, and the country should have never been dragged through this mud. My appeal is for the Prime Minister and all his exponents to stop interfering and trying to affect the proceedings in any way. History is also looking at you, and it will not be kind to you.


Dr Darren Carabott is the Opposition’s Shadow Minister for Home Affairs, Security and Reforms, and President of the Public Accounts Committee.


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