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Every page of Vitals inquiry shows how Malta has been seized by a criminal establishment - Grech

Isaac Saliba Sunday, 26 May 2024, 13:41 Last update: about 27 days ago

Every page, every paragraph, and every word written within the Vitals' inquiry further shows how Malta has been seized by a mafia and criminal establishment, Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech said during a mass rally in Mellieha on Sunday.

"Today I tell you, here is the proof," Grech said. He continued that the inquiry consists of over 1200 pages, and over 380 witnesses as well as searches in homes, banks, company registries, mobile phones, laptops, searches through thousands of emails and messages, along with experts both Maltese and foreign.


"This is why they did everything they could do to prevent us from giving the hospitals back to the people, this is why they attacked and killed Daphne, this is why they ridiculed Simon, insulted Adrian, and attacked Repubblika ... This is why they attacked Roberta and David, and tried to paint them as traitors. They can attack me, and they can try to attack as much as they want, but today everyone knows who the traitors of the people are. Today, everyone knows who is on the people's side."

Grech said that this inquiry is without precedent, and referred to it as a historic inquiry. He continued that the inquiry was done by a magistrate who was not afraid of anyone. He said that the magistrate was not afraid of any pressure, sabotage, messages, or risks, and that she only thought of the search for the truth and to fulfil her duty for justice. "That is why Robert Abela attacked the magistrate ... That is why he instigated people against the court, the media, and the journalists."

The Opposition Leader said that the Prime Minister has thrown the people and the country away to save himself. Grech said that the Maltese and Gozitan people can no longer stand this. He continued that people want to live in a country that stands as one of the best in Europe, not one which was led by a Prime Minister who is going to court on accusations of fraud, money laundering, and criminal association. He added that people want to live in a country where the Prime Minister is only interested in working for the people, not lying about how the PN wants to cause violence.

He said that the truth is that it is unknown who is leading the country now, as the current Prime Minister is caught up in a ferocious struggle with a former Prime Minister. "Robert Abela made a pact with the devil four years ago," Grech remarked.

The PN Leader said that with the publication of the inquiry, it has now been revealed that Robert Abela, while being Prime Minister, has known for three years that there is fraud. He continued that it is now known for sure, "black on white", that three years ago someone had informed Abela that there is fraud, and that the inquiry shows he was complicit.

"There is no honour among thieves," Grech commented, "It's almost like we're watching a political thriller on Netflix with Robert and Joseph. Ironically, Joseph says he is finding it difficult to be able to remain subscribed to Netflix. No worries, he does not need to watch it, because he wrote the film himself."

48 hours from now, Muscat is summoned to go to court. After saying that, Grech posed a question to Prime Minister Abela; "Where will you be on Tuesday morning? Will you be at Castille, leading the country, or will you be at the court, cheering on Muscat because you are still afraid of him?"

He said that the Prime Minister has become Muscat's hostage, "the hostage of an ex-Prime Minister who is lost and hysterical because he is terrified that his hour has come".

Grech concluded by saying that the country can no longer keep going down the route that the government has taken it. He added that the time has come for Malta to once again become independent, and urged everyone to go out and vote in the upcoming election on the 8th of June.

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament and MEP candidate in the upcoming election, also spoke at the rally.

She began by saying that the PN has a consistent message of unity and loves the country, "unlike the Labour Party, which wants a country where they benefit and make money". She added that the PN is working in politics because its members want to make a difference in people's lives, and that they know the difference between genuine politics and political opportunism.

Metsola said that everything the PN has been saying has been confirmed by the contents of Sunday's newspapers. She said that the proof has been found, despite some saying that there is nothing to find. "There are those who think that by attacking us and trying to silence us, people won't realise what they have done and are doing," she commented.

For her part, the EP President concluded that the PN is aiming to elect three members to the European Parliament in the election.

"We are not afraid of attacks, because we are on the side of the good. On the 8th of June, we will work to elect three members to the European Parliament. We will work to create more opportunities for you, because we love this country."

Norma Camilleri, a PN MEP candidate, said that the main goal of politics should be to better everyone's quality of life, but that the scope of the government's politics has become geared towards politicians, rather than towards the people.

She commented about the cheques being sent by the government in the lead up to elections, and specifically referred to how "coincidentally", parents are now receiving €500 as a special allowance for children who are students, and she remarked how as a mother with a daughter who is a student, her daughter typically asks for money at the beginning of the scholastic year to buy books and other necessary items, not at the end of the scholastic year when exams are beginning. "It's amazing how many coincidences we have."

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