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Back to Europe

Noel Grima Sunday, 9 June 2024, 07:52 Last update: about 5 days ago

As we emerge from the rabbit holes and blink in the sun’s rays we realise we are still in Europe and that Europe has meanwhile moved … to the Right.

And that we may most probably face a continental war within a few years.

Plus other tragedies we have removed to the back of our consciousness – like continuing war in the Middle East, increasing migration, further poverty and so on.

For the past weeks we have been engrossed in our periodic inside looking tribal war which is always there, at the back of our mind. The two massive tribes that endure from one generation to the next.

Now that the fun and games are over, the winner declared and the loser left in a particular hell, we go back to our normal life. And our normal challenges.

As a country it would seem one major problem is FATF and the possibility, nay probability, we may be grey-listed given our huge national debt.

During the electoral campaign Robert Abela managed to turn the situation around and claimed that Moody’s was praising the national economy. Very few voices were heard, especially from academia, to correct this lie but now, the election over, the government will be expected to act. And those who believed TVM and One News will be left to find the truth on their own. And find they have been duped, once again.

In one of the least noted developments in the last week of the campaign it was argued that Malta’s fear of grey-listing was making Malta subservient to US pressure and hold back from acknowledging a Palestinian state.

This was subsequently denied by all involved and the denial makes more sense than the affirmation. It also shows the lengths of disinformation. Malta must learn to stand on its own two feet and earn respect.

Once again, the processes at court found themselves at the centre of the public debate. It was to be expected that a bench massively appointed by the Labour administration would support the government but that has not happened.

Yet traditionally the Court has enjoyed a very low level of credibility among the people especially among Labour voters.

And so it goes on. Unless something spectacular happened during the voting, such as, for example the emergence of a third vote, we are destined to keep repeating the experience, like Sisyphus and the rock, throughout eternity.


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