The Malta Independent 13 June 2024, Thursday
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‘PL can better act on the peoples’ priorities’ – Agius Saliba reacts to reduced electoral gap

Sunday, 9 June 2024, 19:35 Last update: about 4 days ago

PL MEP Alex Agius Saliba has said that the Labour Party, in his opinion, can do better in listening and acting on the needs and desires of the people. The PL's only MEP who stood for re-election said this in light of the party's predicted diminished electoral gap.

Agius Saliba, speaking with The Malta Independent on Sunday early evening, said that he cannot comment on the reason behind why the Labour Party's voter gap has been reduced to a speculated four-figure difference from the electoral thrashings observed as recently as two years ago. Instead, he said that his party, the Labour Party, can do better in improving on its "greatest asset" from 2013 till today: listening to the people and acting on this feedback.

This declining voter gap was a main point of speculation during the vote counting process yesterday. On Sunday morning, PN Secretary General Michael Piccinino announced that the difference between the two major parties was forecasted to be 15,000 votes; this would have marked the PN's best ever result in European Parliament elections since Malta joined the European Union, in terms of the vote share gained.

As more votes were counted and verified, this gap was predicted to decrease, with reports in the early evening indicating that the final result may conclude with a gap of less than 10,000 votes; a stark difference from the 39,000 vote electoral win that the PL enjoyed in the 2022 general election, just a couple years ago.

Agius Saliba called for his party not to be stubborn in this regard, stating that "this had cost PN in the past."

Agius Saliba told this newsroom that the voter gap was expected to keep decreasing throughout the evening. Due to the volatility of the figures being discussed within the PL camp from this aspect, he refrained from providing any figures since one could not divulge accurate information at the time. Additionally, he called for the Labour Party to react humbly while analysing the results.

Alex Agius Saliba is predicted to have reached the quota required to once again be one of Malta's six MEPs for the incoming five-year term, receiving the second highest number of first preference votes, after the PN's Roberta Metsola.


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