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Clint Azzopardi Flores vows to continue being the voice of the minorities

Tuesday, 11 June 2024, 12:07 Last update: about 2 days ago

PL MEP candidate for the 2024 European Parliament elections Clint Azzopardi Flores said that he will continue being the voice of the minorities.

Azzopardi Flores failed to get elected as one of Malta's six MEPs last Sunday.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Azzopardi Flores spoke of the main themes he found 'on the ground' when he met with people since June 2022.

The first main issue, he pointed out, is the housing and social accommodation reform, and the existing high rent prices. "Many are struggling and can't keep up," Azzopardi Flores said.

He also said that the means testing thresholds need to be expanded because people cannot keep up with life due to the ongoing impact of the high cost of living.

"Campers are caught in a vice and they mention the legal notice as it has been implemented," Azzopardi Flores said.

He also said that he has listened to concerns regarding the hospital and orthopaedic operations. "Our elderly are suffering, waiting between five and six years in pain. Goodbye 'Active Ageing,'" he said.

Azzopardi Flores said that the Lands Department is a "labyrinth." He continued that people are begging to redeem their emphyteusis before they die to avoid leaving problems for their children.

He mentioned that vulnerable people are being asked for receipts from seven years ago for the benefits they received, before having to appear before a board and receive letters without the Board's terms of reference.

 "The medicines in the POYC that arrive by those who order them do not match the needs of the people taking them," Azzopardi Flores said.

He said that excessive bureaucracy in planning where a 2-meter ruler is used for the small and a 5-centimeter ruler for the big people.

Azzopardi Flores pointed out the thousands of foreigners who entered Malta because Temping Agencies ended up operating as Tourist Agencies.

"I will elaborate more on this in the coming days," Azzopardi Flores said, adding that the issue of Y plates does not even need further elaboration.

He also pointed out the exaggerated fines on trappers that were abused against many people.

"Take note. I have communicated these internally for two whole years. I have strived to serve the people," he said.

"I still have 63 pending cases out of about 500 cases that I solved alone. I will be passing these on to the Party and ensuring that they help people where deserved. I will continue to speak for the small," Azzopardi Flores said.

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