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‘A seed of hope was sown, for a government led by the PN’ - Grech

Andrea Caruana Sunday, 16 June 2024, 13:19 Last update: about 30 days ago

The elections that took place last on Saturday week saw "a seed of hope sown, for a government led by the PN," Nationalist Party Leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday.

Addressing a PN rally in front of the PN headquarters, which repeated chants of "tsunami", Grech spoke of the recent electoral results, which saw the gap between the two major political parties reduce to around 20,000 in the local council elections, and to around 8,400 in the MEP elections.

Grech said that the PN has made great achievements in these elections and said that, really, these elections were a victory for the people.

He said that the PN is an alternative to the crimes being revealed in court and also said that Labourites are hurt.

For that reason, Grech stressed the importance of maintaining respect towards everyone, and told supporters to refrain from hurting them with words. He said that amongst the old PN supporters at the rally there are Labourites who voted for the PN for the first time and welcomed them to the family "that truly loves this country."

Grech mentioned localities in which the PN won majorities in the local council elections, as well those where the PN does not have a majority, but increased the number of seats. He said that with the new PN majorities, they are determined to "build a new PN majority for the whole country."

Grech said that "last Saturday was the first step toward a great future that we want, but with your strength we have now taken the road that can lead us to becoming a normal country."  He said that, "a seed of hope was sown, for a government led by the PN." That said, and despite the results being encouraging and the fruit of much work and planning, he said that they have a long way to go but maintains faith in the people for them to reach their goal.

Grech said that whilst they are gathered, others are lost in a frenzy trying to find who to blame with internal conflicts and resignations. He reiterated that Robert Abela is "like a child" insisting it is not his fault and is ready to blame everyone but himself. He went on to point out that when things go well it is Abela who takes credit.

With regards to Abela's post-election comment on the civil service workers having "cushy jobs", Grech said that he was recently approached by various workers who were offended by it. He gave the example of healthcare workers who had gone through great pains, such as leaving their families during the COVID-19 pandemic, and said that this is the thanks they get.

He told the civil servants to keep their eyes open and be vigilant and not to allow any wrongdoing. He told them to look at those have ended up in court for not stopping what was wrong. He added that the PN will remain the shield of the workers and  told them "[to] do the right thing and we will defend you".

Grech told the people to prepare themselves for a prime minister who will use "new methods to deceive them" and for a number of u-turns to be made in order to cease "the haemorrhage of votes". He said that when the results came out Abela said "he wants to become a different version of himself".

Abela "is not software that can update himself". He added that everyone wakes up in the morning to attempt to better their quality of life and not to check which version of prime minister will be in Castille that day.

Grech said that Abela's mistakes "squashed" a country, along with its people, and said that this is not the way to lead a country since the prime minister cannot give peace of mind this way. Grech said that there is one "truth"; that when a prime minister leads "by political convenience" and has no principles, he won't stop making u turns.

Abela's clique are now saying that the Vitals proceedings had an "extraordinary effect" on the election results. He said that the Vitals proceedings with all its prominent public officials isn't the "unprecedented political tragedy" for Abela, rather that the people felt the need for a change and started to implement it.

Grech invited Abela to look in the mirror and see a prime minister who "threatened people for their votes and wanted to sell his country." He added that Abela "played political chess" with someone who is sitting in the stand of the accused and furthermore, he played "electoral lotto" with his duties.

Abela didn't take the political responsibility for the government's losses and blamed everyone. He added that if Abela blames everyone then Grech gives merit to everyone for allowing the PN to move forward.

Grech pointed out that Abela brought up the subject of abortion in order to use it to divide the people, "like a child". He reiterated that Abela is afraid of the truth, and meanwhile, Grech backs a policy of truth because the truth set the people free.

The elections showed that the people "don't want any criminal activity, or cheques and other gimmicks that the government used" and went on to say that the people showed that they won't be led by the nose.

The PN will remain with its feet on the ground and focused, Grech said, adding that it will not take votes for granted since "no one will give us their vote on a plate". He said that the PN will provide a vision that everyone can see themselves in and, furthermore, it will be a cradle of national conversation with everyone.

Grech concluded in saying that the PN will work towards a government that will be for everyone, "not the lucky few" and pledged that they will be "true gladiators for your rights". He said that in three more years, they want to celebrate a win that will see the PN as the new government of Malta since the PN is on that road. He went on to invite the people to step forward if they want to help in any way, since "we will welcome you with open arms. The doors are wide open."

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