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Enemalta under a Labour government also fails at maintenance, PN says

Monday, 17 June 2024, 12:09 Last update: about 30 days ago

PN MP Ryan Callus said that under a Labour government, Enemalta has also failed at the most basic task, being maintenance.

In a statement on Monday, Callus referred to a statement issued yesterday by Enemalta, in which it said that planned maintenance work was being carried out on the interconnector, hence the country-wide power-cuts on Sunday afternoon.

“It is expected that everyone at Enemalta, including the Minister for Energy, was informed about this. This means that one had to ensure that the way this maintenance was to be carried out was planned to ensure that it would not affect anyone,” Callus said.

“We have once again seen an attempt to paint a scenario where the blame is placed on the interconnector. As the English say, history repeats itself. The truth is that the interconnector had nothing to do with what happened yesterday,” Callus said.

He said that this event shows how Enemalta, under a Labour Government, failed in the most basic task – to carry out maintenance or repairs in a planned manner with the least possible impact.

“The opposite happened – a situation developed that led to the greatest possible impact – a collapse of the entire system and a power outage across the whole country. This is a result of poor work planning and political management that was unable to identify the critical points of different scenarios in the energy sector,” Callus said.

He continued that under the leadership of a Nationalist government, Enemalta would have clear protocols, including a ‘business continuity plan,’ which includes an assessment of critical points in cases of maintenance like yesterday’s.

“With what happened yesterday, it seems that Enemalta’s problems are not only in distribution and generation, but now also in maintenance,” Callus said.

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