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The blind leading the blind

Noel Grima Sunday, 23 June 2024, 07:51 Last update: about 25 days ago

They led us all a merry dance all these past months predicting a Robert Abela tsunami to drown the rest, especially the hated Nationalists. Instead of hiding in shame when the predictions turned out to be so false, the pollsters came out as if nothing had happened to explain to us what is happening to our people.

The fact that the conference this week was organised by the Office of the President when this was still headed by the previous President (unless it was organised by the present one in just a few weeks) should have rang alarm bells among those of us who are awake.

All this effort aimed at tranquilizing people to minimise what happened on 8 June, to blot out the massive vote of no confidence in the Abela administration, dealt by those who voted PN, those who voted for the other candidates, and more importantly those who did not vote.

Yet the presidential conference sailed on unperturbed by this massive vote of no confidence. There was little mention of the vote and its implications. True, there was a speech by a PN representative, better known for her singing of her song Desire.

Also true was the fact that the top levels of the party were in Brussels for the EPP congress together with the real winner of 8 June, Roberta Metsola.

And then we had Robert Abela trying hard to say he has seen the light and will follow a different path. Gone is the Abela of the past months, the defender of Joseph Muscat, who claimed the ‘Establishment’ was out to get him.

Now instead of going for growth he will be going for sustainability. He missed telling us how he intends to avoid the blight of the Excessive Deficit Procedure given that his government was responsible for bumping up the deficit through the roof.

Robert Abela avoids confrontation like the plague. He is happy in Parliament with his group backing him up or on the steps of Castile where his stature overwhelms the reporters around him. But a serious press conference where the questioner can say if the reply satisfied him – never.

The speakers listed what are perceived to be the main problems worrying the Maltese, principally the illegal foreigners but offered no solution.

Then they skipped more fundamental problems, like governance or corruption. Which goes to show how not just the analysis is wrong but also the solution.

To all who took part, a huge thumbs down.

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