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Abela cannot remain silent in face of ‘very serious’ accusations of OPM cover-up - Repubblika

Sunday, 23 June 2024, 10:31 Last update: about 21 days ago

The government must respond to the accusations of a cover-up, Repubblika said in a statement on Sunday, in reference to allegations brought forward by Roger Agius, Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul’s former driver.

Agius said in a radio interview on Saturday that he had been told by the Office of the Prime Minister to ditch his lawyer Jason Azzopardi in favour of a new, OPM-appointed lawyer and in return he would not be charged.

Repubblika said that the accusations, which allege that the Office of the Prime Minister is involved in the cover-up of criminal acts, are very serious. “The Prime Minister cannot remain silent in the face of this most serious accusation,” the NGO said.

“Repubblika insists that the whole truth needs to become known in regard to the grave accusations made by Roger Agius about the Office of the Prime Minister and the Police, revolving around the alleged cover-up of criminal acts.”

The NGO remarked that it cannot be that grave accusations such as this are not investigated in a democratic country and a member of the European Union. Repubblika added that it cannot be that an allegation is made that the OPM attempted to arrange so that an individual does not reveal criminal acts, and the Prime Minister does not say anything.

It continued that it cannot be that the police investigate a grave allegation that the police themselves passed on information to members of the Cabinet about what was said about those same members during a criminal investigation.

“The Prime Minister’s silence is an insult to us,” the NGO remarked.

Repubblika concluded its statement by saying that it will never accept that the government could hide an attempted cover-up of criminal acts by government members, and added that it will not stop until the whole truth is revealed and those who failed are made to answer for their actions.

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