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BOV Launches new functions on its 24x7 Services

Malta Independent Monday, 24 January 2005, 00:00 Last update: about 5 years ago

In its efforts to provide customers with convenience and support, BOV has announced new enhancements to its BOV 24x7 services. Managing term deposit accounts, operating “both to sign” accounts, creating account alerts as well as obtaining transaction details from the view transaction screen have now been added to the long list of functions that a user can perform from the comfort of his home.

These, together with other planned additional functions, form part of BOV’s strategy to provide its customers with multi-channel banking alternatives intended to save its customers time.

BOV was the first bank to introduce Internet banking to Malta. Its versatile, secure and easy to use Internet banking service was launched in December 2002 and has since continued to attract more and more users. BOV Internet banking is offered to customers together with a range of other 24x7 channels including BOV telephone banking, customer call centre banking and BOV mobile banking. This latter service is available in Malta only from Bank of Valletta. BOV is also the first local financial institution to introduce electronic and mobile stockbroking, an innovative service in addition to its

present BOV 24x7 services. This enhancement enables subscribers to effect secure on-line Brokerage functions with the bank’s stockbroking subsidiary BOVSL, anywhere, anytime.

The ever increasing use of BOV Internet banking and the other 24x7 services shows that subscribers are making use of the full potential offered by these delivery channels and are also taking advantage of the flexibility, accessibility and user-friendliness these offer in meeting their everyday banking requirements.

An essential feature that is contributing towards this success is security. More and more BOV customers are today banking securely, knowing that through the use of the BOV Securekey, they can conduct their banking requirements with peace of mind, whenever and from wherever it is convenient to them. BOV’s Internet banking service is based on three important pillars of information security. It offers full data integrity by ensuring that information retains its original level of accuracy. It ensures confidentiality, since information is not disclosed to unauthorised individuals or processes. Importance is also given to availability, whereby access to data and information services to authorised users is timely and reliable.

The range of services offered through BOV Internet banking and other 24x7 services is extensive. Among others, customers can view their account balance, list and download transactions, transfer funds from one account to another, order statements, view encashed cheques on screen, effect payment to third parties in any particular currency, make bill payments to major service providers, set or modify a standing order, report lost or stolen cards, order cheque books, foreign currency and travellers’ cheques and calculate loan repayments.

Customers can also operate their foreign currency accounts, effect payment orders in foreign currency and view their term deposit and loan accounts on a 24x7 basis. An added feature is that subscribers may opt to view the information in one of two languages.

Bank of Valletta’s Internet banking service is the only truly multi-user system available locally, allowing for various levels of access and rights. Therefore, apart from meeting the needs of the personal customer, the BOV Internet banking service is specifically designed to cater for the financial requirements of companies and businesses in a most effective and efficient manner.

The highly secure features of these services have placed BOV in a position to offer its 24x7

business package. Thanks to this specialised service, businesses are today enjoying complete control over their company’s finances and most of their daily banking requirements are now being effected directly from their respective offices.

The range of services offered is extensive. Effectively, users can have a consolidated position of all their accounts with BOV on one screen.

Bank of Valletta’s 24x7 services compliment each other, and the use of one channel supports and substantiates the other. This is particularly useful for business customers. For example, transactions generated on BOV's Internet banking may be authorised and signed off on the BOV mBanking channel. This added feature means that, via a WAP phone, a signatory will be able to authorise any transaction when and where

convenient, with the same high level of security provided by the BOV Securekey.

More information on the BOV Internet banking service and the other BOV 24x7 channels may be obtained from the MultiChannel Banking Department on telephone number 2133-6610 or by email to

A 24x7 demonstration is available on

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