The Malta Independent 29 September 2016, Thursday

Magistrate recalls how Guido de Marco sent him to Shimon Peres with message to not hurt Arafat

Shimon Peres was a man of reason who tried to bring the Israelis and Palestinians closer together, was how Magistrate Joe Mifsud described the former Israeli Prime Minister and President Shimon...

52 New Sergeants Appointed, calls issued for deputy commissioner and assistant commissioner

This morning a total of 52 constables, 35 men and 17 women, were appointed to the rank of Sergeant. The ceremony was held at the Police General Headquarters and was chaired by the Minister for Home...

Water conservation efforts in Malta put under the spotlight in Brussels

Two best practices from Malta were put under the spotlight during an event held at the European Parliament thanks to the Initiative of MEP Therese Comodini Cachia (EPP group) and MEP Miriam Dalli...

PN will not call on the government to close the hunting season following illegalities

The Nationalist Party will not be calling on government to close this hunting season following an alarming number of reported illegalities.  Opposition spokesperson for hunting Charlo Bonnici...

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Bill will give suspects the right to have lawyers present during police interrogation

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici today launched a Bill aimed at strengthening procedural rights, "by granting the right to a private lawyer in situations where suspects are most vulnerable". He was...

Nigerian who swallowed 46 cocaine capsules before flight from Brussels jailed 7 years

A Nigerian national has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment after he was found to be carrying 588 grams of cocaine, by swallowing the substance in numerous capsules, before getting on a flight...

PN presents proposals in pre-budget document to MCESD

The Nationalist Party held a meeting with members of the MCESD to discuss the pre-budget document and the proposals which it includes. This meeting was held as, for the second consecutive year, the PN...

PN Leader, developers discuss infrastructure, public transport and the environment

Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil outlined a number of proposals during a meeting with the Malta Developers Association this morning, highlighting infrastructure, public transport, and the environment....

Police find stolen vehicle while carrying out eviction order, suspended sentence ordered

A 48-year-old man from Rabat was condemned to 15 months imprisonment, suspended to two years, after being found guilty of being in possession of a stolen car. The stolen car, a Mitsubishi RBR,...

Council welcomes access to Manoel island foreshore, but says this is a right not a ‘grant’

The Gzira Local Council has welcomed a statement by MIDI saying that it will grant access to the foreshore at Manoel Island but insisted that it was not in any way begging for a grant from MIDI as the...

latest comment from Charles Falzon, Sliema, 28/09/2016 09:20: When Government should be setting the terms after what has been clearly declared by the Prime Minister as violations of contractual conditions and obligations by MIDI, also taking them to Court, we have fallen to accepting their terms rather than fighting to regain our full rights as citizens. MIDI are just trying to save their precarious, untenable situation by granting "special" concessions on a five meter strip along part of Manoel Island's shoreline. Their arrogant stance: * We'll be supervising you - restrict your movements! * Don't dare go over the 5 metre limit, even if these disappear with the slightest swell. * We will build barriers to mesh you outside OUR territory. * Stick to the 8am to 8pm limit. * Only during week-ends, until we say otherwise. * We will keep the Gzira Local Council responsible for violations of our terms. * No time frames - we will do it at our leisure. As Government takes citizens to Court and sends them to jail for relatively petty violations, what should it have done to MIDI directors who have broken so many contractual obligations, apart from failing to settle 23 million Euro in the process - 16 full years of arrogant abuse? If it were not for the Gzira Mayor and KEA we would not even have achieved this conditioned state of affairs, however, we are not happy with this situation. WE ARE COLONISED AGAIN - THIS TIME BY MALTESE DEVELOPERS WHO ARE SETTING AND DICTATING THEIR TERMS TO GOVERNMENT.
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Now is the time to address wear and tear after a successful touristic year - Philip Fenech

President of the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Sector of GRTU Philip Fenech believes that now is the ideal time to address many wear and tear issues that have arisen across the island as a result...

GO allowing customers to opt out of sports package after changes in Premier League coverage

GO said today it is offering customers who subscribed to the GO Sports Premium Package between 4 July 2016 and 12 August 2016 the opportunity to rescind on this add-on to their TV package without...