The Malta Independent 25 March 2017, Saturday

Air Malta is ‘a small fish in a shark tank’ - GWU Secretary for Aviation

The biggest problem with Air Malta is that it is a "small fish in a shark tank", GWU Secretary for the Aviation and Maritime sectors Sandro Vella told The Malta Independent. He was asked for his...

INDEPTH: 'I am in favour of removing garnishee orders against journalists, but not DCG,' - Cardona

Economy Minister and PL Deputy Leader Chris Cardona denied that he was against the removal of garnishee orders as proposed by Government in the new media bill, yet he believes that he was right in being the first politician to file such a garnishee against a journalist, freezing nearly €50,000 of…

latest comment from Angus Black, 25/03/2017 12:45: 'All work and no play, makes Chris a dull boy'!
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Updated: PL slams Simon Busuttil over ‘donations’, say he needs to explain ‘false invoices'

Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil should give a clear account of the "false invoices in return for donations", the PL said today. "Despite that he cannot answer questions as this scandal begins...

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World Cup qualifiers: Spain and Italy level atop group as are Serbia and Ireland

Halfway through European qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, there is little to divide some of the teams. Spain and Italy continued their tense battle for top spot in their group with...

Updated: Broadcasting Authority situation a ‘constitutional crisis’ – Clyde Puli

PN MP Clyde Puli lashed out at the Broadcasting Authority Chairperson today, arguing that while the chairperson Tanya Borg Cardona is meant to perform her duty impartially, she was also granted a government position of trust. Recently, BA employees launched an industrial action “stopping the Broadcasting authority from fulfilling its main function.” “This is a constitutional crisis,” he said, “steps need to be taken to address the crisis, whilst political responsibility needs to be shouldered. “...

Man caught taking photos of child at Tigne denies any wrongdoing

The man caught taking photos of children at Tigne Point last Sunday says that he did this as he is going to be a father for the first time, Imam Mohamed Elsadi said after meeting with him. This...

First ever audit of theatre spaces in Malta and Gozo published

90% of theatre spaces are located outside Valletta, according to the first ever audit of theatre spaces in Malta and Gozo, which was officially launched earlier today. Only 37% of theatres in...

Biosimilar medicine introduction has saved health system thousands of euros

Addressing the 15th Biosimilar Medicines Conference, Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties Helena Dalli spoke about the advantages of biosimilar medicines which are...