The Malta Independent 27 June 2016, Monday
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Vatican denies Pope Francis has 'Crusades' mentality over genocide

The Vatican on Sunday strongly dismissed Turkish claims that Pope Francis has adopted a "Crusades" mentality by recognizing the Ottoman-era genocide of Armenians, insisting that Francis's three-day...


Deep-rooted car-oriented structure, road density cited among weaknesses in road transport

With traffic congestion being a particular thorn in the side of the Maltese public, the Transport Ministry has finally published the Transport Master Plan for public consultation.  The Master...

Brexit: PM warns of dangers of not listening to people's concerns; opportunities for Malta

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom exposed the dangers of not listening to people's concerns, adding that while he was disappointed that the country has voted...

Britain's Europeans gripped by fear, confusion, heartache

A tsunami of uncertainty has engulfed Anna Woydyla, a Polish restaurant worker in London, since Britain voted to leave the European Union. Would her two teenage children, who grew up in the...

Two Somali men end up in hospital after an argument earlier today; broken mirror used as a weapon

Two Somali men were taken to hospital after an argument at around 11:30am this morning in a residence in Birzebbugia, the Police said in a statement today. The argument between the two men aged...

Ministry for Health deny claims made by media, quoted by Opposition Leader Busuttil

The Ministry for Health has sent a right of reply to the article in The Sunday Times of Malta regarding the story about the lease on Gozo General Hospital to potentially be extended to 99 years...

Opposition Leader offers cooperation again, critiques hospital privatisation contracts; PL reacts

Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil addressed the issue of a potential Euro-skeptic mentality rising in Malta by appealing to the public to consider all benefits Malta has gained through being members of...