The Malta Independent 24 November 2017, Friday

MUT ‘concerned’ that University will lose its autonomy as an institution

The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) welcomes the wide consultation process carried out by the Ministry and is looking forward to the inclusion of these proposals in the final version of the document....

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Labour Party claims crisis-hit PN is without a leader or direction

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne and PL MP Glenn Bedingfield told a press conference today that the Nationalist Party is in crisis, and that Adrian Delia had no direction and is unable to lead his...

Updated: PM Muscat encourages financial services workers to ‘engage’ with critics

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today delivered an optimistic speech on the financial services sector in Malta, calling on all those involved in the industry at a local level to “engage” in...

Ta' Xbiex Local Council teamed up with 'Get Trashed Malta'

The Ta' Xbiex Local Council teamed up with "Get Trashed Malta" to organise an under water cleanup this Sunday 26 November at 9.00 am as part of the European Week for Waste Reduction. Divers,...

'Mani Pulite' prosecutor to address Civil Society Network event in Valletta on Sunday

Anti-corruption 'Mani Pulite' prosecutor Antonio Di Pietro will be addressing a demonstration organized by Civil Society Network on Sunday 3 December, 4pm in Valletta, CSN said in a statement In the...

TMID editorial: IMF analysis of the Maltese economy - Two versions of the same report

It tends to happen every year of late when the International Monetary Fund publishes its yearly assessment on the Maltese economy.   The press and public are given one version of the...

PN agrees in principle with revamped media law, but might ask for amendments

The Nationalist Party is, in principle, in agreement with the new revamped media and defamation bill. However, in comments to The Malta Independent, a spokesperson said that there are certain aspects...

latest comment from Challie Spiteri, 24/11/2017 00:37: I do not condone creditable and imminent threats against any public elected official or in the matter of fact any person. But when the freedom of expression, opinion and thought is held hostage by those same two lawyers who have zealously defended the deceased blogger Caruana Galizia in her erstwhile objectionable course of conduct, it is only then that their true selective and capricious enforcement of such privilege is revealed.   Politically exposed persons and attorneys Azzopardi and Aquilina set themselves as defenders of the freedom of expression, opinion and thought then, but now they are the persecutors of such freedom of expression. Mr. Navarro posted his thoughts, opinion and political expression on the Facebook page of Hon. MEP Roberta Metsola.  I had the honor and pleasure to meet Hon. Metsola and find her to be a patriot and a states-person.  I look not at the color of what political party one might belong, but, at how well she/he represents our National interest and our citizens.  Of course, I have no delusion that Hon. Metsola being a member of the PN is bound by her oath to the Party to spread the PN agenda.  And she deserves respect and protection from direct, specific, creditable and imminent threats to her safety or that of her family and staff. I opine that forensically, the conclusion that Mr. Navarro’s purported comments were specifically intended to harm, in person . . . Hon. Metsola, are misplaced.   Reading the four corners of the comment, itself, Mr. Navarro used “naharkuwkom” and not “naharek”.  He therefore expressed himself in general terms and the translation posted on the of November 19th, 2017 misrepresents that wording. Neither law enforcement nor any Magistrate or Judge can alter the exact dicta contained in Mr. Navarro’s comment by substituting the plural to a singular.  Clearly, Mr. Navarro was expressing himself on a polit
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Deputy Commissioner Valletta should withdraw from Caruana Galizia murder investigation – CSN

Civil Society Network said it supported the Caruana Galizia family in their demand for the removal of deputy Commissioner Silvio Valletta from the investigation of the Daphne Caruana...

Updated: Fewer people, except for elderly, at risk of poverty or social exclusion

While the number of people at risk of policy and social exclusion has reduced, the number of elderly persons in such a situation has increased since 2013. Government has released the...

Alfred Sant queries European Commission on Uber’s massive data breach

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant asked the European Commission whether it has any information on the massive data breach on consumers by Uber and whether it plans to take formal action for the violation of EU...