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Norman Lowell’s Mein Kampf

Malta Independent Sunday, 28 May 2006, 00:00 Last update: about 6 years ago

Apart from all other considerations, a close scrutiny of the words spoken or written by Norman Lowell reveals a virulent anti-Semitic streak in the man, a threat that might develop into a tangible violent threat to the Jewish community in Malta.

He is now unashamedly claiming Malta’s immigration issues as part of a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the “white race”. He has therefore set himself as an enemy of the Jewish people and is actively inciting hatred that threatens the Jewish people.

Below is a document copied from his hate filled website called, – one of their forum pages at:

This is indeed what could be termed as Norman Lowell’s very own Mein Kampf. In it one can argue that one finds ramblings of an idiot, but so did people describe Hitler at the time!

He starts his “vision” document with a prediction, writing:

“Indeed what, if any, are the dangers looming in front of us? Good questions that demand a detailed reply. This, in order that every one of us becomes conscious of the spectral scenario that lies just ahead. For the world political scene is about to precipitate: suddenly, cataclysmically. As with the disappearances of whole civilisations, the fall or radical change will be abrupt: not a gradual sliding down beneath the waves. The Mayas in Mexico are a classic example.”

Which makes it even remarkable when he goes on, prophet-like, to give us a specific date when all this will happen:

“In our case, that of Western Civilisation, all will precipitate and crystallize before 2012: Anno Zero! – That singular and special date in the history of our planet: our beloved Gaia.”

One can be excused for inaction based on the above, but what follows should at least place all on guard! What is so worrying in his writings is that it immediately sends shivers down one’s spine. Following the above introduction, he immediately goes on to claim:

“After the two fratricidal wars, WWI and II, planned, perpetrated and prosecuted by our internal enemies...” whom he immediately identifies as “those international-manipulators scattered throughout the globe...”

which according to him the world has had since then: “half a century of abject servitude to Financial Capitalism based in Washington and Bolshevist Communism centred in Moscow – both controlled by the same tribe.”

We will soon discover whom he identifies as “the tribe” and “international-manipulators” as according to him they are the “internal enemies” of Westerners. He continues with chilling venom and claims:

“The fall of Communism presented the tribe with the most serious threat to their existence since The Hero took them on in the 1930s. Never had they been so vulnerable, so exposed.”

The above is chilling as one can imagine who his “hero” from the 1930s is! This will become clearer as we read on. It is interesting at this point to expose his baseless hatred for the Jewish people and the ridiculous levels this reaches considering Norman Lowell is the same man who claims the Holocaust to be a “holy-hoax”, it is interesting to see here that his “hero” threatened Jewish existence in the 1930s. By what means could his “hero” have done this if the Holocaust did not (according to him and others like him) occur!!!

His diatribe continues and he claims that this same “hidden enemy”:

“had led us to bleed ourselves white for nearly a century.”

As his anti-Semitic rantings continue, he rightly points out the definition of anti-Semitic as “anti-Jewish” and slanders the Jewish people claiming they gave the world:

1. “The first Iraq war, when Saddam, a former staunch friend of the USA, was tricked by the US ambassador to Kuwait into believing that America would turn a blind eye when Saddam tried to re-take what is rightly Iraqi territory: that artificial, corrupt operetta state called Kuwait.”

2. “Then they provoked the war in Serbia.”

3. “Then came the 11th of September, 2001.”

4. “And so we had Afghanistan...”

5. “And after Afghanistan we had Iraq II.”

He slanders the Jewish nation calling Israel a “terrorist state” and copying the Nazis in their propaganda films, callings Jewish people “rodents” who are now “screaming for more bombs against Syria (because that is where Saddam hid his WMD!). Bombs against Iran (because they are building them). Bombs against Libya and Algeria (because they intend having them) and so on. The state of Shylock can never, ever be satisfied.”

Following his prediction of an implosion of the USA Federal Government that will set off in motion six months of worldwide events. It is interesting if not laughable to note that Norman Lowell seems to like the span of six months as he elsewhere claims in a video on the same mentioned website that he will solve Malta’s immigration issues in... guess... six months! Back to our subject here, during these six months he predicts using unfounded allegations and outright fiction that:

“Meanwhile, in the Middle East, the paranoid, terrorist state would seize the opportunity to expand its borders. With their two hundred or more nuclear weapons trained on the Heartland of Europe, they would feel unbridled. They would probably invade the tin-pot nation of Saudi Arabia – a vast, under populated country with just a few cities on the coast. It would be easy for the tribe to occupy these cities and divest the huge, petroleum reserves from such a weak adversary.

“They would do as they please: massacre the Palestinians, occupy Lebanon, link up with Turkey, cut off Syria and Iraq from the Mediterranean. The international rodents would have a field day!”

If the above is not worrying, he gives his solution to world order! These are the people claiming Jews want to dominate the world – the only people so far wanting to impose such a world order are the likes of Norman Lowell. In order to pre-empt what he claims to be:

“And we know the international rodents would do anything to further de-stabilise and weaken the White race.”

He goes on and maintains that: “The Arabs have been our friends since World War I.” And therefore banks Europe’s salvation on them citing as proof for such that: “The Mufti of Jerusalem, the great Haj Amin al-Husayni, was the only person whom The Hero offered hospitality at the Imperial Palace in Berlin – with the Palestinian flag flying higher than that of the Third Reich.”

There was no Palestinian flag then! It was adopted in 1964 at the creation of the PNC and PLO, possibly a little later. But his chilling account of future events in his world order continues (this time making no bones as to which country he has been referring to) with: “The Palestinian festering wound has now reached a stage where “Israel will fight till the last American” - as is presently happening with Iraq II. This must not be so for Europe. Europe must not follow Boobus Americanus in this folly. We have nothing to gain from Israel, except trouble. We have to leave Israel well alone to sink or swim on its own.”

And therefore, his: “...Imperium would liberate Palestine...”

And now Norman Lowell comes to his final solution to the so called Jewish question, describing Israel as “that viper’s den in the Middle East – that refuge; where every international rodent retires to, rests and recuperates after each destructive mission is accomplished within the host country.”

He concludes that his final solution: “to Israel and the whole Jewish problem has to be found, otherwise we shall never, ever have peace within the Imperium. As the Italians, in their inimitable style, put it; “Pace in tutto il mondo, con Israele sotto terra!”

Clearer than this he cannot be! But alas he continues with his anti-Semitic tirade: “The Imperium will immediately adopt a hostile attitude to the bandit state. We cannot allow a psychotic, nuclear-powered nation on our doorstep; a constant threat to us. We will impose total economic sanctions, an embargo enforced by a maritime and aerial blockade. Economic collapse should follow within a few days and here, we will be in dire danger. The Masada complex could take over – they could bomb Rome and Berlin in a fit of Talmudic vengeance.”

And: “Should the tribe wish to come to an agreement, we could offer them New Caledonia (like Madagascar, it happens to be French!). A huge island in the sun, endowed with raw materials and vast, food growing potential. They will have to go disarmed and will never to allowed to re-arm. A constant air and naval surveillance program will ensure this. They will not be allowed to export or import. They will be made to learn to just live and let live.

“The tribe will be tested to prove their real, nation-building capabilities, this time without Holocaust handouts and American largesse. – We shall see whether the parasite can live without a host. The international-manipulators would probably go to pieces within two years, tearing each other to bits.”

This therefore he claims is how: “the White Man, the Europid, the envy of the rest of humanity, could live in peace with himself within the vast borders of a planetary Imperium.”

He also attributes wars to Jews saying: “Battles of rich versus poor, petty nationalism always manipulated by the Judas goats.”

He then goes on to predict a bright future for the world from then onwards. The same mentioned website also has a link to his latest videos of an apparently monthly meeting: during which he declares Jews as Malta’s enemies.

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