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I followed with interest the correspondence in The Malta Independent about tax concessions for parents who send their children to private and church schools. As a person who comes from a family of five children, all of whom attended state schools with no regrets, allow me to express my opinion on this subject.

The government provides free education to all Maltese children with the best teachers available, in modern schools with the best equipment. Now, we have parents who for reasons known to them only prefer to send their children to private or church schools. That is their rightful choice. But when these parents make their decisions, they have to take into consideration the burden that their choice carries with it.

It is not fair that having made their decision, they moan and whine because the burden is too heavy. If they cannot afford the expenses, state schools are always available and they should not turn to the government for subsidies. As in everything else, they have to decide beforehand whether they can afford to send their children to private schools. Once the government decides to “subsidise” private schools and give further aid to church schools then it may as well amalgamate them into the state educational system.

But it seems that these parents who shy from state schools want to have the cake and eat it. They want to have their children attend the exclusive private schools and at the same time ask the government to reimburse their expenses. This is too much. I am not ready to pay more taxes for the whims of these people.

Carmel Camilleri


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