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Birzebbuga Waterpolo pitch

Malta Independent Tuesday, 17 July 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 6 years ago

I read with interest an article about Alternattiva Demokratika protesting in Birzebbuga about the development of a new waterpolo pitch. I am a Birzebbuga resident who with many others have been waiting for years to see the pitch back to its former glory.

I have, in fact, been to meetings organised by the committee where it was explained to us what the development will include. Like many other residents, I am looking forward to see the development finished and to have my children play waterpolo for Birzebbuga like their father before them.

The committee, it seems, have been attacked because they were not accepting membership applications. How can one ask to become a member when the club can give one nothing in return. Now that after all their work they found a great way to build back our pitch, better than it was before, the Alternattiva Demokratika decides to hold a protest against it claiming that they represent the Birzebbuga residents. The only residents that they are representing are the few living in the houses opposite the pitch (most of them only summer residents), who prefer to have an eyesore of a broken-down pitch instead of a waterpolo club like all the other clubs have on the north of the island.

With regard to the fact that “the area could be used for a variety of water sports,” as they said, it will be used again to build a waterpolo team like we used to have before the Freeport was built and before the placement of sand in Birzebbuga bay made it impossible to use the pitch for training.

With regard to AD saying that the residents wanted to enjoy access to the beach without having to pay a fee, I, as a resident tell them that there is plenty of beach left in Birzebbuga where one does not have to pay a fee. I for one won’t mind having to pay a membership fee to be able to enjoy a waterpolo club. As far as I know, any sports club asks its members for a fee and in return, members are given special privileges. Instead of having to pay a membership to a gym outside Birzebbuga, I would rather pay the membership at the waterpolo club and be able to use the gym and pool in my village.

So if Alternattiva Demokratika held its protest (attended by 12 people or so) to try and get Birzebbuga residents’ votes in the coming election, I doubt that they will get a seat in Parliament with them. Real Birzebbuga residents are looking forward to have a new waterpolo club where our children will be able to go, instead of the eyesore we have at the moment which is only used by drug users and people to take their dogs (free of charge) to leave their excrement.

From the last meeting that I attended, I also found out that the committee started organising swimming lessons for children, so when eventually the waterpolo pitch is built, our kids will already have some knowledge of the waterpolo game. So thanks to the committee for all the work you’ve been doing and good luck for the swimming lessons. I am looking forward to seeing the new waterpolo club finished.

Sue Bonnici


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