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Ras Ir-Raheb fire

Malta Independent Sunday, 5 August 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 6 years ago

Fire destroyed a large swathe of open public land and coastline at Ras ir-Raheb, limits of Bahrija, on Friday evening. Although it is unclear whether the fire had started accidentally or not, the Ramblers Association of Malta (RAM) noted that the fire destroyed a variety of vegetation including large populations of esparto grass on the clay slopes in the area. Esparto grass (Lygeum spartum) is an important element of clay slope vegetation as this species is essential in keeping clay erosion and subsequent rock falls to a minimum. The blackened landscape has also diminished the visual quality of the area considerably for the immediate future. RAM expressed its serious concern at the trail of destruction left by the fires and called for increased monitoring of the area, more so in view of repeated acts of vandalism and illegal activities reported earlier this year by other NGOs in the Bahrija environs. RAM would also like to appeal to the general public to be vigilant and report such occurrences, irrespective of whether they are accidental or deliberate acts

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