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Two Historical gems that could be no more...

Malta Independent Wednesday, 1 October 2008, 00:00 Last update: about 6 years ago

The 17th century watch tower, known as ‘It-torri tal-wejter’ in Dun Filippu Borgia Street Birkirkara is deteriorating structurally to such an extent that it could soon collapse. This tower had already been saved once by the Società Dun Filippu Borgia when in 1968 it was going to be pulled down.

The historical ‘infetti’ niche built after the great plague and actually marking the cemetery that is no longer in existence is quoted as being a grade 1 building and is included in the publication Malta Heritage in Stone as an example of the first niches in Malta.

Again this was saved through the intervention of Chev. Vincent Parnis (Honary President of Società Dun Filippu Borgia) when in 1988 this was being dismantled. The stones making up this niche are is such a bad state that immediate action is called for before it is too late.

The Società Dun Filippu Borgia is appealing to the authorities to take the necessary urgent action to save these two constructions of national historical importance. It would be a real pity if these structures are lost forever.

Silvio Azzopardi


Società Dun Filippu Borgia

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