30 September 2014

PN MEPs Welcome election of José Manuel Barroso

 - Friday, 18 September 2009, 00:00

MEPs Simon Busuttil and David Casa welcomed the outcome of the European Parliament’s vote on the re-election of Jose Manuel Barroso for a second term in office as President of the European Commission. Barroso was elected with 382 votes in favour, 219 against and 117 abstentions.

“We now expect President Barroso to honour his declared commitment to appoint an Immigration Commissioner. This would be an important development for Malta because it would ensure a greater commitment on the part of the European Commission on pursuing a common immigration policy which delivers true solidarity with countries like Malta,” the two MEPs stated.

David Casa said that Barroso’s re-election sends a message of stability in Europe at a time of global uncertainty where people are yearning for stability. “Barroso was the EPP candidate for this post and we welcome his election with an absolute majority in Parliament.” he said. “His election also reflects the outcome of last June’s European elections which confirmed the EPP as the largest European political formation,” David Casa said.

MEP Simon Busuttil said that “With the unanimous backing in Council and an absolute majority in the European Parliament, Barroso should feel that he has a strong mandate to assert his political agenda in Europe. But he must now deliver and our expectations are high. We look forward to a strong presidency that delivers results for European citizens,” he said.

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