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St George Square Upgrading ‘just one of many projects’

Malta Independent Sunday, 22 November 2009, 00:00 Last update: about 6 years ago

The refurbishment of St George’s Square in Valletta is just one of the many projects that the Resources and Rural Affairs Ministry has undertaken in the past 20 months, several of which have been completed while others are still in the making, Minister George Pullicino told The Malta Independent on Sunday.

The project in Valletta may seem to be the most important of the lot because it is, after all, one of the main squares in the capital city. The fact that Heads of State are welcomed there when they visit the President made the renovation of St George’s Square all the more important, also because it grabbed media attention more.

But this does not mean that other, smaller projects are not given the importance they deserve, Mr Pullicino said.

The ministry is currently working hard to finish one of its biggest projects for this year. “Piazza San Gorg is in its final stages and will soon (on 6 December) be opened for the general public’s enjoyment. The ministry has worked hard in the past five months to finish the square in as little time as possible in order to minimise the unavoidable inconvenience generated by such a project,” the minister said.

Among the projects finished this year, Mr Pullicino mentioned Santa Ubaldeska Square in Paola, which he described as “the latest jewel” in the ministry’s crown together with Saint Anne Square in Sliema, the Xghajra promenade, the Ghalqa ta’ Kola in Rabat, the Adventure Park in Ta’ Qali (due to open in mid December) and the Kennedy Grove Park extension.

The ministry has other projects in the pipeline, such as the second phase of the Marsaxlokk promenade, which is to start in January, the restoration of the Mosta church parvis, a new national park in Delimara, the upgrading of Ursuline Square in Guardamangia, the completion of the Animal Welfare Centre in Ta’ Qali, the completion of the Xrobb l-Ghagin wildlife rehabilitation centre, the upgrading of Qui-si-Sana promenade in Sliema and the total revamp and enlargement of Qui-si-Sana Gardens, are just a few of them (see full list below).

Maintenance is also a priority for the ministry and a number of prime sites have been chosen for renovation. “These are considered as small projects but they mean a lot to visitors or residents of such areas. Maintenance is necessary to raise the level of public areas, as well as keep the standard of the recently finished product,” he said.

An interesting aspect is the ministry’s drive to include the water element in all projects, especially in public spaces. The sound of water gives life to otherwise dry and dull areas and the inclusion of fountains seems to be a trademark of the ministry, Mr Pullicino, an architect by profession, said.

Over the past two years it has installed 13 new fountains in public areas and many more are planned for next year. To ensure their maintenance and continuous operation, it has dedicated a small team to monitor these fountains and their job also includes taking care of the mechanisms operating the older fountains to bring them in line with today’s standards and to make them more energy efficient, the minister said.

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Paceville Main Square Completed

St Julian’s – Xatt is-Sajjieda Promenade Completed

Tower Road – Ferries to Piazzetta Completed

St Anne Square Completed

Cruise Liner –Pavement upgrade Completed

Golden mile – Paceville Completed

Xghajra Promenade Completed

Ghalqa Ta’ Kola, Rabat Completed

Salina National Park Completed

Kennedy Grove Upgrade Completed

Napuljun Tagliaferro gardens Completed

Church parvis

St George – Qormi

St Sebastian – Qormi

Qormi chapel

Fgura church

Balzan church

Zebbug Hospital Chapel

Portico Paola Church Completed

Santa Ubaldeska parvis Completed

Balzan Piazza paving Completed

Kordin new petrol station Completed

St George’s Square In progress

Adventure Park Ta’ Qali In progress

Xrobb l-Ghagin Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre In progress

Buskett major upgrade work In progress

Marsaxlokk promenade In progress

Animal Welfare Centre In progress

Ursuline Square – Guardamangia In progress


Gnien Romeo Romano Completed

Addolorata Cemetery Completed

Mosta Civic Centre Completed

Rabat Civic Centre Completed

Ursuline Convent – Valletta Completed

House of Four Winds – Valletta Completed

Various main roads Completed

Maghtab village – rubble walls Completed

Promenade Upgrades



St Julian’s

Marsascala Completed

Beach Upgrade Programme Completed

Salini Coast Road Gagazza walls Completed

Verdala Gardens stables upgrade Completed

Siggiewi Cemetery – major maintenance Completed

Spinola Palace upgrade Completed

Zabbar Scout Group premises Completed

St Julian’s Scout Group premises Completed

Kalkara Sports Facilities Completed

Johnny Navarro fountain Completed

Foundation Consolidation Mdina Bastions Completed

Football Ground Upgrades














Birzebbuga Completed

President’s Garden in San Anton In progress

Various main roads In progress

Xemxija Road Gagazza walls In progress

Rubble walls in countryside


Ghajn Tuffieha


Dingli In progress

Pavement upgrade Sliema roads

Valletta roads

Swieqi roads In progress


Paintings in Victory Church Completed

St Barbara Bastions Completed

St Paul church armoury Completed

Jesuits church interior Completed

Angels’ chapel Zebbug Completed

Ta’ Liesse church Completed

St Paul’s Bay, Gharghur and Qormi church statues Completed

Auberge d’Italie Completed

Palazzo Parisio fountain Completed

Qrejca chapel – Qormi Completed

Hal Millieri chapel Completed

Torri tas-Semaforu – Gharghur Completed

Ospizjo Furjana Completed

Wied Ghammieq chapel façade Kalkara Completed

St Paul Statue in Melita Street Completed

Mdina main entrance

Falsabraga Bastions,

Sa Maison Completed

Tal-Hulas church façade – Qormi Completed

Our Saviour chapel – Kalkara Completed

Addolorata Cemetery paving Completed

San Niklaw chapel, Siggiewi Completed

St Anthony chapel Marsascala Completed

Wignacourt Museum façade – Rabat Completed

Restoration Victory Church organ Completed

San Korrado statue Completed

Polverista St Anglu Completed

National Library portico Completed

Cleaning of fortifications Completed

Cruise Liner Terminal Completed

Marsamxetto area Completed

Central Bank area Completed

Valletta Bell Monument Bastion In progress

Main Guard In progress

Pinto Clock Tower Presidential Palace In progress

Victoria Gate In progress

Auberge de Castile In progress

St John’s Co Cathedral façades In progress

Maison De Mandols restoration In progress

St Elmo Granaries upgrade In progress

Buskett Cave In progress

Mdina Train Bridge In progress

Saluting Battery maintenance work In progress

St Catherine dome In progress

Sokkors tas-Salini In progress

Wied il-Ghasel – Burmarrad In progress

Chadwick Lakes In progress

Ghajn Rihana valley In progress

Hesri valley In progress

Qlejgha valley In progress

Luq valley In progress

Wied il-Kbir In progress

Grupp Gwardjola premises In progress

Fawwara CEER In progress

Church parvis

Sta Venera


Gharghur In progress

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