22 September 2014

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Reaching Success through 10 years of partnership

 - Sunday, 27 June 2010, 00:00

by Angel Luis Martinez Cantera

Graduates from the Centre for Labour Market Studies (CLMS) and the Foundation for Human Resources Development are commemorating a decade of educational achievement.

In the majority of cases, this success has translated into a substantial difference in their career and a considerable improvement in their gross income. This emerged from the results of a survey that was part of a tracer research among more than 200 Maltese students who had followed an academic programme in human resources management in the 10 years since the partnership between CLMS and the Foundation for Human Resources Development.

The study presents the 219 respondents’ opinions relating to different aspects of their studying experience. Results were released during a seminar on the subject The Alignment of Knowledge and Skills to Business Success on 28 May at which Foundation CEO Joe Gerada stressed that education and training are vital if companies want to nurture and retain talent and maintain a competitive edge in the market. In fact, most of the 31 CLMS students who celebrated their graduation after the seminar are employees from different sectors of the economy and are already engaged in human resources management and development. Professor Emeritus David Ashton, who presided over the graduation ceremony, said that CLMS at the University of Leicester was very satisfied with the way the Foundation managed the study programmes in Malta and how it helped the graduates in their careers.

The survey highlights the fact that not just almost all the respondents are engaged in full-time employment (92.4 per cent) after pursuing their studies with CLMS, but a large proportion of them experienced upward mobility in their career and an increase in salary. Numbers show that the percentage of professionals with an annual salary of less than €20,000 sharply decreases to 31 per cent after they finished their studies, while the percentage of graduates whose salary was between €20,000 and €29,000 doubled after they graduated. Celine Micallef was one of these graduates whose job and salary improved after achieving her Certificate in HR Management and Training Practice: “I was promoted to Senior Clerk after finishing my studies, during which the Foundation was always ready to resolve any queries I had.” Furthermore, while the percentage of graduates with high salary rates (above €40,000) was insignificant before graduating, the percentage rapidly reached the 10 per cent figure after graduation.

As far as job position is concerned, the survey reveals that almost half of the participants were promoted (46.2 per cent) after finishing their studies. Emily Grech, who is one of them, said: “Studying at CLMS was really helpful. I started my studies in 2006 when I was an HR assistant but after the Master’s in HR Management and Development I was promoted to Training Manager.” Data shows that almost the same number of graduates (44.7 per cent) moved to a new, more senior, position. Stephen Vella, who pursued a Master’s degree in Training and Performance Management, also said that studying with CLMS means progress: “When I started my Master’s four years ago, I was Personnel Manager and after two years I finished heading an HR Department.” Mr Vella praised CLMS’s teamwork, as well as FHRD: “They were excellent and really helpful. It is obvious that they know their job and they are very flexible as well.”

Almost all the participants rated the support provided by FHRD as excellent or very good, by highlighting the availability and professionalism of the staff. Daniela Gouder, the Executive HR Development at FHRD, said that FHRD has a true passion to see people achieve their full potential. This is what we stand for and we leave no stone unturned to see it happen. After all, the provision of studies is not just the bureaucratisation of an academic experience, but is all about people’s satisfaction, either personally or professionally,” she said

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