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It’s Time for the ‘Irkotta fest’

Malta Independent Sunday, 15 May 2011, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

The annual Irkotta Fest will be held next weekend on 21 - 22 May at the main square in Kirkop. This village event will be organised by the Kirkop Local Council in collaboration with both different private entities and governmental departments. This event will throw light on the past traditional production of irkotta as in contrast with the present modern production. Moreover, information will be disseminated to the public on both artisan and modern fresh Maltese dairy products. The public will have an opportunity to take a guided tour to a modern dairy farm, where hands on dairy farming will take place on Sunday 22 May from 9am till 5pm. Tours will be organised from the core of the village every hour at no charge.

A typical open air dairy unit and a small sheep/goats pen will also be set with the collobaration of Malta Dairy Products Ltd (MDP) and Kopertattiva Produtturi tal-Halib Ltd (KPH). Gastronomists, teachers, and students from the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) will be participating in cooking specialised food made form irkotta which will be sold to the public. This event came about after residents encouraged the council to revive the dying traditional and artisan production of the irkotta, which was produced  by many Kirkop families until a few years ago. . Kirkop farmers used to till the land as far as Hal-Far on one side and as far as the present airport terminal on the other side. Rural activity was the primary source of income for the villagers.  

Activities start at 6pm on Saturday 21 May. On Sunday activities starts at 9am and continue throughout the day.

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