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Cyrus Engerer Resigns from PN and joins PL

Malta Independent Saturday, 16 July 2011, 00:00 Last update: about 6 years ago

Sliema deputy mayor Cyrus Engerer has resigned from all the Nationalist Party’s (PN) structures and announced he will join the Labour Party, following the Prime Minister’s vote against the Divorce Bill on Wednesday.

He will still be serving as an independent councillor.

Contacted just as he had left the PN headquarters, Mr Engerer explained Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi’s speech and vote in parliament were “unacceptable” to him because although the Bill still passed, he did not respect the people’s will expressed in a referendum.

“The Party was, is and will remain conservative and this goes against my liberal views,” he pointed out. “My democratic and liberal views are in conflict with the party’s practices.”

He felt disappointed to be leaving the party but said he no longer felt part of it.

Mr Engerer made it clear he disagreed with Dr Gonzi’s stance posting several comments and quotes on his facebook page, before yesterday’s move became apparent.

In a statement following his resignation, he explained he had been a PN member and served in a number of posts, including on the party’s youth movement, (MŻPN), for many years. This had been an “honour and privilege”.

While announcing he will continue to serve as an independent Sliema councillor, he made his will to join Joseph Muscat’s progressive movement clear.

“This movement represents the principles and values I embrace,” he concluded.

His aspiration to take up an active role within the Labour Party was gladly accepted.

“Labour is the new natural home for moderates and progressives who feel part of a movement that goes beyond petty politics,” the PL said in reply to questions made by The Malta Independent.

It went on to say that PM Lawrence Gonzi has lost his moral leadership. It described his “obstinate ‘No’ vote” as one of no confidence in the better judgement and will of the Maltese people.

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