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Lawrence Gonzi an exemplary EU leader, Greek PM says

Malta Independent Thursday, 15 November 2012, 15:17 Last update: about 6 years ago

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras discussed the challenges that lie ahead where illegal immigration, the economy and job enhancement for youth are concerned during bilateral talks held  at Auberge de Castille.

Mr Samaras referred to Dr Gonzi as an exemplary EU leader Greece followed closely.

Prior to the beginning of the talks, Dr Gonzi said that the “EPP has touched on very important topics that concerned both countries, discussing today’s challenges and the challenges faced in recent years.

“Both Malta and Greece, who have a lot in common, feel the same way in whatever happens in the world as it impacts us altogether.”

Dr Gonzi saluted the Greek Prime Minister for having come over to Malta to share the challenges currently being faced in Greece.

“Malta follows closely what takes place in Greece and we will keep offering our support to see Greece move forward.”

Meanwhile, the Greek PM reiterated that Dr Gonzi had been a great example and has given us practical ideas, “where many EU leaders have followed your examples and positions your government has taken. “You have always been an exemplary leader and would like to thank you for the solidarity you have showed with Greece – something that will never be forgotten.

“We feel very close with Malta and would like to enhance our ties since the chemistry both countries hold is very good,” Mr Samaras said.

The Greek PM added that “We are facing a number of challenges and with your help we would like to put the necessary infrastructure in the whole of the EU, especially where illegal migration is concerned”.

The Greek PM called on the European Union to help countries like Malta and Greece by implementing a common policy since” the issue couldn’t be tackled by ourselves”, adding that “together we will promote our ideas inside Europe to create this common policy and out the necessary pressure to have this ‘dangerous’ problem addressed”.


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