19 September 2014

83 migrants rescued by AFM

 - Saturday, 11 May 2013, 10:16

Late last night, three Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) patrol vessels rescued a group of 83 persons from onboard a 10-metre long rubber dinghy which began taking in water, from a position some 31 nautical miles (NM) South of Malta.

The AFM's Rescue and Coordination Centre (RCC-Malta) at Luqa Barracks, was alerted earlier on Friday about the boat and subsequently, the AFM Air Wing's King Air Maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) was also scrambled into the air and conducted a search for the reported dinghy in the area. 

The AFM’s King Air successfully located the persons on the rubber dinghy and then directed a Maritime Squadron Patrol Craft to the area in order to render assistance. Worsening sea conditions through the night made the operation quite challenging for AFM assets.

The group of persons onboard the dinghy was made up of 82 men and 1 woman. The migrants onboard AFM Patrol boats P21, P22 and Melita 2 landed at the Maritime Squadron's base at circa 01:30hrs of this morning. Migrants are claiming to be of Somali Origin.


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John Azzopardi says:
13 May 2013 14:56

Mr. Zammit, you are very naive. Malta has taken in 19000 illegal migrnts in 10 years and they cannot leave except a few of them. And for your information, maltese migrants went legally not illegal to the US, Australia, the UK and Canada.  And we shared a similar culture. 

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CJohn Zammit says:
13 May 2013 17:38

Mr. Azzopardi,
Please, do not call me naive
Either you are not reading what I posted, or you have blinkers on ... I did state that we were legal. Perhaps I should have used the upper-case for legal, as in "LEGAL" -- the preferred style of the anti-migrants brigade.

Ms. Shaw, just below you, quoted 2000 per annum. You are close, at 1900 per annum.

If, as you have stated, the migrants stayed on the Island, then where's the problem? They must be working and paying taxes like you, or, they are held in squalid open-centres against their will, for a much longer time than the norm, which in turn, goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Malta is a signatory.

As for your statement that Maltese migrants shared a similar culture to the host countries, you are so far off the mark!  You do need to do some serious studying on that particular subject.

The only difference between these migrants and us, is the skin-colour. That's all. Given a chance, they'll be just as good citizens as we are.

Malta has a history of thousands of years. It has withstood the worst possible scenarios ... and if we take St. Paul literally, we'll be the last country standing! Relax! ☺

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Emmy Scerri says:
14 May 2013 20:37

No, I beg to differ.  The difference is not just in skin colour.

There are deep cultural and ethical and moral divides.  Ignoring these and putting your head in the sand will not make them go away.  You are falling prey to moral relativisim, which the last Pope warned us so much against.

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CJohn Zammit says:
14 May 2013 21:20

So, Emmy Scerri, the last Pope warned you about accepting foreigners! My, my, MY! What a (deliberate?) distortion of Christian values!

The JRS would, I would think, have something to say about that!

As Mark Twain famously wrote, in his "A Campaign that Failed", "Against a diseased imagination, demonstration goes for nothing."

Mr. Scerri, if you honestly believe that the last Pope was warning against migration, or even remotely inferring that migrants pose a threat to morality, then, you Sir, should see a shrink ... twisting John Paul II's message to suit your racist mentality is, simply put, sick!

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Emmy Scerri says:
14 May 2013 22:49

“So, Emmy Scerri, the last Pope warned you about accepting foreigners! My, my, MY! What a (deliberate?) distortion of Christian values!”

Talking about the pot calling the kettle black, who is the one distorting what I wrote here and putting words into my mouth or rather writing what I did not write – this speaks volumes about your supposed Christian values.

If the world is your oyster and you have no stake in Malta, because your allegiance lies elsewhere, then stop bashing everyone here who is rightly worried about the immigrant situation in Malta.  And to compare these pseudo-refugees that are coming over with honest and hard working Maltese immigrants to North American and Australia, you are insulting the hard work and sacrifice that these people made, for the good of Malta, for the future of their children and the real contributions they made to their adopted countries (which were in fact empty of people and need to be populated).  A very different scenario here where you have immigrants coming into an already overpopulated small island and claiming ‘refugee status’, which means that the State is obliged to provide for them until such a time, if ever, they decide to fend for themselves. 

This refugee phenomenon might be new to Malta but it has been going on for decades in other countries and we have already seen the results.

As for the Pope, last one or another, they might have not verbally told anyone not to accept foreigners, BUT if we are to go by their examples, yes we should not accept any refugees/immigrants, after all the Pope and the Vatican have to-date accepted NONE themselves.

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CJohn Zammit says:
15 May 2013 05:25

Mr. Scerri, you are the one who invoked the Pope.

As for the rest of your rant, it demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that Mark Twain was spot on.

Have a great day!

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Linda Shaw says:
12 May 2013 23:00

Statistics indicate that the past scale of irregular immigration into Malta (2000 per annum ) is the same as that of the UK, 250,000 per annum  (proportionate to their respective populations)   the demographic consequences can be scaled accordingly.  Malta has a higher population density at 1350 per sq km than Bangladesh (1033), England (405),  Australia (2.08). Population growth of this order will have catastrophic consequences by the next 15 years, as forecast in the UK by the office of national statistics.
e.g UK MP, Soames’s, speech, ‘..level of immigration amounts to nearly 1 per cent. of our population every two years’- As a result, immigration now heavily outweighs the other two factors-births and deaths-in terms of population growth... Population growth is already impacting on our schools. Maternity units are affected; in some places mothers have to be turned away. Foreign-born mothers, have 35 per cent more children on average than British-born mothers.  Housing is also affected-nearly 40 per cent of new households will be the result of future immigration’.
In Malta’s case water usage is also a factor and the fact it is a very small island.
For details see the research-

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CJohn Zammit says:
13 May 2013 18:16

Ms. Shaw,
Malta's land area is, as stated by the CIA Factbook, 316 Sq. Km.

If 249 migrants come in, that means and additional 0.79 (humans) per Sq. Km.

0.79 divided by 1350 (your figure) = 0.0005851 --- an insignificant number! (See my first post to Louise Vella.)

If you are worried about density, then you better take it up with MEPA and the other governmental gurus who decide on these matters ... consider:
There are, according to reports in the media, over 65,000 empty housing units on the market (with more being built).
That means, there is room for an additional minimum of 195,000 persons (3 per unit), or, an additional 617 per Sq. Km.
195,000 as a percentage of the current population of 420,000 = 46.43%.
617 as a percentage of 1350 = 45.7%
(The discrepancy between the two percentages is the result of your slightly inaccurate figure.)
It does not matter how you measure it, percentages are a true picture of reality, if and only IF, you know their meaning.

In the hands of the innumerate, Statistics can be confusing, and sometimes, dangerous.

And other thing:
Back when I was growing up, on the Island, "Shaw" was not a Maltese family name. I would bet that Malta was in no way harmed when you, or your ancestors decided to make it their home.

Give the migrants a chance. They deserve it, and are entitled to it by virtue of International Law. And I won't mention Christian values.

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CJohn Zammit says:
12 May 2013 02:48

Shame on the whole lot of you and your rants ...

Malta owes, in no small measure, its current well-being, to the 115,000 Maltese migrants (out of a population of 250,000) who sought a better life in a foreign land.

If we -- I am one of them -- did not leave our native Malta, none of you, on this webpage, will be here to trumpet your ignorance and spout your venom.

Yes, we were legal migrants, BUT we were not wanted by our host country ... for all the same reasons that you guys, and Louise Vella in particular, love to rattle off: taking away jobs; bringing in diseases, such as TB; different cultures alien to the local ones; a burden on society, etc., etc., et cetera.

We proved them wrong!
And so will these migrants, if given a chance.

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Louis Gialanze says:
12 May 2013 09:56

CJohn Zammit please get your facts right.                                       

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CJohn Zammit says:
12 May 2013 11:24

What facts?
What's ►your◄ point?

Martin Wolf of the Financial Times! Oh shoot! Am I supposed to be impressed?

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Joseph Gaffarena says:
11 May 2013 17:30

So,the previous govt, spend millions of euros on new boats and planes,just only for the purpose of locating these illegal immigrants that ara ruining our economy,and bringing with them illness that was abolished from malta.
Go to valletta and you think you a\re in africa, all with latest mobiles, well dressed,and well fed.

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Gorg Sciberras says:
12 May 2013 05:59

How exactly are they ruining our economy? By doing the underpaid jobs no Maltese would take? And which abolished illnesses? Try to be humane.

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GL Sammut says:
11 May 2013 15:28

Louise, as they say, and the band plays on and on. Joseph Muscat needs as much money as Lawrence Gonzi did, where there is money there is honey. As the saying goes, Money talks and bullshit walks. The only change is in the government. Same attitudes.

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Emmy Scerri says:
11 May 2013 15:19

Young, well fed, well dressed and all male.   Utter folly to go out and pick up anybody that decides to take to a dinghy and give them the keys to your house.

Louise please do not expect the PL to act any differently than the PN, they are in accord on this one, besides they have to please the EU masters that are actively working towards the Islamification of Europe.  Same is happing in North America - the government is actively seeking to import the dregs of humanity.

And Mr. Gatt, do not feel so smug about who you voted for, as I said there is no choice in this one. 

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GL Sammut says:
11 May 2013 14:54

Dr Muscat is still trying to review the situation. Same conclusion as the EX PM. We are tied and bound by the money of the EU and so we have to let it happen. EU rules.

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Richard Caruana says:
11 May 2013 12:10

With four Labour MEPs in Brussels one would have thought that they'd get off their backside and do something about immigration.

But then, when two of them don't even know what Objective One is about one can't expect much.

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Edgar Gatt says:
11 May 2013 11:02

Louise, nothing is going to change. If you and any right wing people believed that voting for Joseph is going to solve your problem, then you have all been taken for a ride. I did not swallow the bait and did not vote for him. Issa hudu pacenzja.

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Louise Vella says:
11 May 2013 10:22

The government has changed but nothing has changed. Total number of illegal immigrants under Labour Government so far: 82 (landed on March 29) + 84 (landed on April 19) + 83 = 249. Soon Dr Muscat will be preaching Christian values like Dr Gonzi.

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CJohn Zammit says:
12 May 2013 02:35

Louise, will you ever learn?
How can 249 newcomers, among a population of 420,000 be a problem (or burden)?

249 ÷ 420000 = 0.000592857 = an utterly insignificant number!

You need to brush up on your Math, Logic and Compassion.

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