16 September 2014

MZPN welcomes party’s change in statute

 - Saturday, 11 May 2013, 14:10


The PN Youth Movement (MZPN) has welcomed the party’s open dialogue approach and changes to the party’s statute, including the decision to create another deputy leadership post, representing parliamentary affairs.

In a statement, the MZPN said it feels that through this decision, the leadership of the party will be further strengthened since the role of  deputy leader for party’s affairs will be separate from the one focusing on parliamentary affairs.

The MŻPN further stated that such a decision will lead to increased participation of individuals who choose to dedicate their time to the party which will help the party win back the people’s trust.

”This decision reflects the vision of the Nationalist Party as a European party, since this style of leadership is similar to that adopted by a number of European political parties.”

While congratulating Simon Busuttil for having been elected party leader, the youth movement said that it is looking forward to working hand in hand with Dr Busuttil with a sense of determination so that the PN would become the people’s natural choice of party once again.”


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GL Sammut says:
11 May 2013 15:06

If the PN has any chance of becoming the people's party again, they have to cut the cord hopes from the old and start almost anew. The PN needs leadership and a lot of money. The PN party needs a woman Deputy PN. The PN needs to knock of the arrogance and be honest with the people. Five years will go by so very fast.

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