16 September 2014

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23 illegal immigrants brought to shore

 - Sunday, 16 June 2013, 11:03

A group of 23 illegal immigrants was brought to shore this morning by the Armed Forces of Malta.

The group included three women.


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CJohn Zammit says:
17 June 2013 05:41

My, my, my ... Louise Vella can count!
Can she do multiplication and division?
Does she know what percentages mean?

If she does, then, she would know that the effect of 290 newcomers among a population of 420,000 is about the same as a drop of rain falling on the Mediterranean Sea!

Louise, give it a rest. These humans have as much right to seek a better life as any of us. And in case you do not know your History, Malta exported 115,000 out a population of 250,000, to foreign lands back in the 1950s and 1960. And guess what? Those emigrants were LEGAL, but the man on the street, in the host countries, didn't want us (I say, "us", because I am one of them), for the same reasons that you, Ms. Vella, keeps harping on.

They may be dark-skinned, but they are humans, and their right to seek a better life is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Malta is a signatory.

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Marie Roberts says:
16 June 2013 19:13

We joined the EU by referendum and this was part of the deal.  We did this under PN and they are responsible for us joining the EU not the present Government.  This Government cannot change any of the EU laws just because Malta is a small Country.  Now that we belong to the European Union we are obliged to give these poor people shelter.

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GL Sammut says:
16 June 2013 19:08

Ms Vella Christianity begins at home. Malta is over crowded and overburdened with it's own people and the government must realize that. As long as the government and the profitable NGOs keep accepting money from the EU there is nothing our government can do to stop the illegal immigration. Selling your soul for 30 pieces of silver has it's drawbacks. Hotel Malta is overbooked and cannot take anymore unwanted guests.

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GL Sammut says:
16 June 2013 16:57

We have a new government but the results so far remain the same when it comes to Illegal Immigrants. They call, and we go running. Another 23 people arriving at our shores illegally, this time with the help of the AFM.  What this proves is that we have six Meps in Brussels sitting doing very little when it comes to illegal immigration burden sharing. What happened to our good friends to the South of us? Namely Libya? Why isn't their Navy stopping these people from leaving their shores? Why can't the Maltese Government send these illegal immigrants back to Libya if that is where they came from?

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Louise Vella says:
16 June 2013 16:14

Total number of illegal immigrants under Labour Government so far: 82 (landed on March 29) + 84 (19 April) + 83 (11 May) + 18 (15 June) + 23 (16 June) = 290. Soon Dr Muscat like Dr Gonzi will be preaching about Christian values.

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