17 September 2014

'Security Services can be trusted', Opposition leader says

 - Tuesday, 02 July 2013, 19:25

by Duncan Barry

Update 2

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said that he was given assurances by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on the Security Services operations, emphasising that the Security Service was and is still is one to have faith in.

In a joint press conference held today on the steps of Castille following a Security Committee meeting lasting two hours, both Dr Muscat and Dr Busuttil, who were accompanied by Home Affairs Minister Emmanuel Mallia, shared the same reaction, both assuring the public that the Security Services can be trusted and should enjoy everyone’s respect.

Dr Busuttil said that he raised a number of concerns which were all addressed.

The two declined to comment on the issues brought up during the meeting and to questions posed by journalists on the resignation of the former head of the Security Services, "since issues related to the MSS are highly sensitive and I would like to stick to my policy of not commenting on such issues”, Dr Muscat said.

The security committee meeting was called by Dr Muscat following a request made by Dr Busuttil.

Dr Busuttil's call came in the wake of an admission by Dr Mallia in parliament that he oversaw the selection of employees within the Security Services branch.

On Monday, in a letter to the Prime Minister, Dr Busuttil wrote: “In the light of Dr Mallia’s admission in parliament that he oversaw the employee selection process of the Security Services, along with his chief of staff, I feel that such actions are unacceptable in a democratic society.

MSS chief Michael Cassar and Foreign Affairs Minister George Vella were also present during the meeting.

Asked about the Snowden case, both Dr Busuttil and Dr Muscat said that they were concerned and shared the EU's concerns over the matter.

Walking towards his car, Dr Muscat jokingly asked Dr Busuttil if he wanted a ride in his Alfa, which saw Dr Busuttil reply in the negative: "Better not, I might have to hand you a portion of my allowance if I did so," the Opposition leader joked back.

The two had engaged in a war of words after Dr Muscat decided to use his personal car as his official vehicle which led Dr Busuttil to state that “it’s unbecoming for a prime minister to use his personal car”. 

Dr Muscat had fended off criticism following his decision to renounce to an official car, and get €7,000 a year in return for using his private vehicle. He said that it was the cheapest option and the end result was that taxpayers’ money was saved as a result.



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Vincent Williams says:
03 July 2013 19:06

Without any doubt the vast majority of the people have faith in the Security Services.  So there was no need for such a statement by the Leader of the PN Opposition.  To convince the people.  Hope that by the PN Opposition's statement the PN media will also be convinced that such media should have faith in the Security Services. 

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Carmel Camilleri says:
03 July 2013 15:45

And so Simon believes that the security services with personnel recruited in the presence  of the Minister and his aide can be trusted. How naive he is. It does not  augur well the new leader of the opposition.
He should have asked for the resignation of the Minister for behaving in such an unethical way.

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Daniel Cassar says:
03 July 2013 15:20

they can be trusted... until next time!

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Peter Grech says:
03 July 2013 08:41

Yes, and he was gentleman enough to say it Eddy, that's the difference.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
03 July 2013 10:12

Peter: So you too should be gentleman enough to admit that you were duped into believing that something terrible had happened during the interviews

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John Vella says:
03 July 2013 08:04

So, it seem it was all a storm in a tea cup Simon,   . . . and they live happy ever after.
Is this the new way of doing politics? Simon had good ground to complain or should a say stand and fight the principle that in such matter no politician is above the rule of law and the independence of the police.
Now we have Joseph come out smiling and  Simon going in smiling too. Is in it nice they are happy and we were cwiec and remained cwiec. While those in the circle enjoy their new found power and glory it is not for public information what took place.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
02 July 2013 20:11

I am wondering what the likes of JJ Micallef, C. Cassar, Giovann DeMartino, Twanny Borg and the rest who had commented so critically on Dr. Mallia, now have to say once their dear leader has stated that he is satisfied with the explanations given to him. And that the security service, now under minister Mallia, are to be trusted !

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JJ Micallef says:
02 July 2013 21:51

What the heck are you saying Eddypedia!  Not at all surprised that you can't read what is on the lines - never mind what's between!

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Eddy Priviteera says:
03 July 2013 10:11

JJ Micallef.Didn't Simon say that after explanations were given to all his "concens",  the security services, now under the direct responsibility of minister Mallia, are to be trusted ? Did you hear him say anything negative about minister Mallia ? If Simon still doesn't trust Dr. Mallia, how can he trust his running of the security service ? So once he is trusting the security services, he is implicitly trusting also the minister responsible .You were made to swallow all that crap for zilch !

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JJ Micallef says:
03 July 2013 12:06

Eddypedia that you are a moron is beyond doubt, but this statement of yours sums it all up.

If Simon still doesn't trust Dr. Mallia, how can he trust his running of the security service?

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Eddy Priviteera says:
03 July 2013 12:51

JJ Micallef: That for you logic is a difficult subject is quite obvious. Where did you hear Simon Busuttil AFTER the meeting at Castille ( not BEFORE) say that he has no trust in minister Mallia running the security service ???? If he now says that he doesn't trust Dr. Mallia with running the security service, he cannot at the same time say that the security service is to be trusted !!!!!!!

Let me make it simpler for you, hoping you can understand. If you do  not trust me running a business, would you tell people that they can have full trust in the business I am running ????

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JJ Micallef says:
03 July 2013 15:41

Eddypedia I see that you insist! Wisdom has it that when one is in a hole he should stop digging.

I' ll let you at it  becasue I an having great fun.

(Hint: Go read the law)

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Eddy Priviteera says:
03 July 2013 17:55

JJ MIcallef You are in that hole as well as your DynastyPN, so stop digging !

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JJ Micallef says:
03 July 2013 19:51

Miskin! Ftit iehor u tizbokka ic-Cina Eddypedia.

Kif tkun hemm ara fiex wasal l'istudju tal-bridge u tal-power station.

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J. Busuttil says:
02 July 2013 22:21

Eddy you are really worn out after John Dalli's latest mishap. If you read correctly Simon is happy how the Secret Service is being run but no were is  mentioned  that he is happy with the minister Mallia. Isma this is not the PL media fejn tista bella dak li trid.  By any chance did you have time to order a take away pizza from the new catering establishment in Floriana dak il-bini faccata tal-Kurja

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Eddy Priviteera says:
03 July 2013 10:18

J. Busuttil. Didn't you hear Simon say that he was unhappy with minister Mallia, after he admitted that all his "concerns" were explained, and that he can assure the people that the security services under minister Mallia "are to be trusted" ?

Keep on trying to mock the police force.Who knows,one day you might need their help. What will you do then , will you ask for their help, or will you ask them to get you a pizza ???

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Eddy Priviteera says:
02 July 2013 19:11

After all the attacks on minister Mallia about his presence during the security services interviews, Simon Busuttil has come out of the meeting  satisfied at the explanations given to him !

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