01 October 2014

Jail term confirmed for driver who corrupted minors

 - Thursday, 04 July 2013, 15:41

Mr Justice Michael Mallia yesterday rejected an appeal by Joseph Leone Ganado and confirmed his five-year jail term for corrupting minor children who included children aged under 12.

Leone Ganado was the driver of the four girls’ school van. The offences took place on 14 June, 2005 and in previous months in Rabat and elsewhere in Malta, when he corrupted the girls and even helped in corrupting two boys, also aged under 12.

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GL Sammut says:
04 July 2013 18:27

Mr Justice Michael Mallia did the right thing to reject the appeal. It is about time that the courts protect our children from perverts like this one.   Some of these children might be corrupted for life and if it was up to me or any other parent we would have given this pervert five years prison term for each child he defiled.

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