30 August 2014

PN presents amendment to power station legal notice

 - Thursday, 04 July 2013, 13:41 , by Jacob Borg

PN MPs this morning presented an amendment to the legal notice governing the new power station’s appeal board.

In its current proposed formation, the appeals board can only offer an appellant reimbursement for the costs incurred in the expression of interest process. This can lead to a situation where the appellant wins his appeal, but the final outcome of who the contract is awarded to will remain unchanged.

PN MPs Tonio Fenech and George Pullicino questioned why the current public procurement appeals board has been circumnavigated, and in its place a board with members handpicked by the Prime Minister will be installed.

They also asked why the energy appeals board has been granted more powers that is the norm for such boards. The board has the power to annul the whole process, and basically choose who to award the contract to.

This method raises questions, the MPs said.

PN deputy leader Mario de Marco asked why the government felt the need for a new appeals system, given that the current one is “tried and tested.”

The amendment being proposed by the Nationalist party, with the full backing of the parliamentary group, simply requests that the legal notice on the power station’s appeal board mirrors that of the current public contracts review board, Dr de Marco explained.

MP Tonio Fenech said that energy minister Konrad Mizzi has “moved the goalposts” with this energy appeals board, granting less power to the appellant.



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John Zammit says:
04 July 2013 17:25

I sympathise with that woman who always followed Conrad lamenting that her relatives had cancer. probably she is crying her eyes out now

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Joe Pavia says:
04 July 2013 15:14

Godwin Scerri il pacenzja nehduha izda l-arroganza LE u arroganza ghandkom wisq minnha.   You are just like a little child we are in power so we do what we want, but mate it does not work that way.   YOU STILL HAVE AN OBLIGATION TOWARDS THE MALTESE PEOPLE.   And when the fall arrives I can guarantee you that it will be bigger than 36000 votes.   Viva Malta Taghna il koll

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Eddy Priviteera says:
04 July 2013 16:12

Joe Pavia: The obligation with the Maltese people is to deliver a gas-fired power station by 2015. And a reduction in W& E bills in 2014 ! To reach these deadlines, unnecessary bureaucracy has to be swept aside !

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J. Busuttil says:
04 July 2013 16:16

Mhux hekk Eddy and break all the rules as long as PL delivers. Insomma you are used to the Mintoff style of doing things.

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Joe Pavia says:
04 July 2013 16:50

Busuttil J thats the problem the Mintoff style.   Crush all opposition,   He was very democratic as is josephmuscatdotcom and his buddy buddy eddy.   Li ghadu ma ha xejn sa issa.

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Antoine Vella says:
04 July 2013 18:29

Eddy Privitera, the electoral promise was to deliver a gas power station while following ALL normal procurement procedures, assessing the social impact and respecting ALL safeguards regarding human health and the environment while ensuring 100% transparency.

THAT was the promise and we hold to it - to all of it. That is what they have to deliver.

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Giovann DeMartino says:
04 July 2013 14:51

Godwin, parir ta' habib:   TIKTIBX BIL-MALTI GHAX MA TAFX.

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godwin scerri says:
04 July 2013 13:53

PN, issa hudu pacenzja ghax il PL qiad fil gvern mhux intom u li najdu ghahna issir. Insejtu meta mexxejtu il goal post biex tintazel il BWSC.

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JJ Micallef says:
04 July 2013 15:01


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Eddy Priviteera says:
04 July 2013 16:13

JJ: Miskin il-poplu Malti li twikka b'Kap tal-Oppozizzjoni li aktar mohhu fl-UE milli fil-poplu Malti u pajjizu !

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Joe Pavia says:
04 July 2013 16:53

Again Eddy Priviteerrrrra let the time come for Simon to prove himself.   Judge by the success Simon has achieved in the EU with that that josephmuscatdotcom has.   Hallih lárt.   Now he is trying to terrify the EU with the vito like Mintoff did to the British.   WHO WAS THE LOOSER.   And be honest with yourself when you reply.

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