18 September 2014

Scholastic year ends with unsolved pending issues - MUT

 - Thursday, 04 July 2013, 14:45

With the end of the scholastic year coming up, the Malta Union of Teachers noted that a considerable number of issues remain unclear or unsolved despite the various discussions. 

Among the issues that are still pending decision there are: 

a) The appointment of new heads and assistant heads of schools in state schools – whereby various vacancies are not being filled while persons are waiting to be appointed b) The future of various state schools which remains unclear – while the last official decision was that the previous decision with regards to phasing out schools was to stand, unofficially various schools were informed that in the near future they would remain open and have new student intakes.   c) The issue about learning centres – whereby persons in learning centres were asked to apply for an interview despite serving in these centres for various years and despite the centres being considered as other state schools d) Pending calls of applications – The call for regular LSAs has not been issued for over a year, in spite of the fact that the government has invested thousands to train staff for this post e) The situation of MCAST attached staff’s eligibility for Work Resource Fund – an issue which has been pending since the last MCAST – MUT collective agreement f) The sudden withdrawal of allowances for Prefects of Discipline 

There are other pending issues and disputes that also need quick resolution, like for example cases whereby in MCAST and with the Life Long Learning Centre, adult educators and/or lecturers are not paid for a session if students fail to turn up. 

The MUT hopes that these and other issues are resolved as soon as possible and that the Ministry and the Directorates act fast on the various issues at hand.

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Carmel Camilleri says:
04 July 2013 16:29

Why not call back John Bencini?  He used to be very active during the previous Administration. Who knows perhaps he would be more successful with this Administration.

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